Vacation rental cleaning

Ocean Blue’s vacation rental cleaning services are geared to ensuring that, as soon as the current guest moves out, the premises are cleaned and sanitized ready to meet the expectations of the next guest.

We offer vacation rental property owners and managers a full line of cleaning options undertaken by only highly trained professionals. Your guests will receive that first perception of comfortable, clean vacation premises that is imperative to the success of your business. We take care of your vacation property, while you go about you daily activities, on the understanding that providing your guests the best vacation experience possible is your priority. We use a check-list format so that nothing can be overlooked, and our professionals have that little extra something – pride in a job well done. There is nothing that impresses guests more than a sparkling clean kitchen – unless it’s an equally sparkling clean bathroom! These are the areas in which our professionals shine.

We undertake to maintain consistent communication with you in terms of:

  • notifying you when cleaning is completed
  • if we find damage (complete with pictures)
  • updates on any emergency situations on which your guests contact us

All equipment and cleaning products and materials are supplied by Ocean Blue, and we assure you that they are all of the highest quality to ensure cleanliness is maintained at the highest level. We will also, in most circumstances, send in the same cleaning crew on each required visit to your property so that they become completely familiar with the premises. You can expect the same quality of service each time your vacation property is cleaned.

A fully bonded and insured cleaning company is the best solution to providing a clean and impressive environment for your vacationing guests. Blue Ocean Services can develop a cost-effective plan to meet your cleaning needs.

Additional services we can provide include:

  • Taking inventory
  • Updating inventory when necessary (complete with pictures)
  • Providing welcome gifts
  • Professional laundering of linens
  • Pre-season deep cleaning – i.e. stripping hardwood, shampooing carpets
  • Emergency scheduling

Ocean Blue Services ensures you of always being able to provide the clean and hygienic environment that your guests will appreciate and admire. The success of your operation depends on satisfied guests. Let us be of service.

Contact us today for a free of charge, no obligation cleaning proposal.