The Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Living Rooms

Decorating at any capacity can be daunting, looking around and overlooking each space you think you have to fill. Where to start on what seems like a never-ending task. The best first step you can make on your decorating endeavor is to get inspiration, you must brainstorm before you head to Target, Restoration Hardware, or Home Depot. Do you know what you like? What color schemes suit you best? Are you Urban Modern, Farmhouse inspired, Industrial, Simplistic Bohemian, or even Nautical themed? What style best suits your personality, find a design that is warm and relaxing, and try your best to find a fashion that you won’t tire of too quickly. Your trusty source to find all this glorious information?

With the great wide web and all the media; Pinterest is fantastic at finding your preferences, based on what you pin, and adjusting the algorithm to match your vision. Window shop and browse the websites of furniture stores. Get an idea of your kind of furniture before you fill in the other details of the room since the furniture will be the focal point of your living room.

Next, start imagining the color scheme you’d like to see. Are you focused on the neutrals of browns, tans, and creams? Or are you bold, drawn to passionate pops of color? Decide which colors you want to be background colors, wall paint colors, and accent colors. Perhaps use pops of color as your accents, then compliment with muted colors for your walls and backgrounds. Next, start your hunt for the perfect living room rug. There’s a lot to think about here too… What kind of rug suits you? Do you like a shag rug or a shorter fibered rug? You should consider the material of your perfect rug; wool is a natural fiber rug that is conventionally woven, hand-tufted, and hand-knotted. It is durable and reliable. There is silk, bamboo, cotton, faux fur, and polyester rugs as options, as well.

Do you like a traditional Oriental rug, perhaps an Animal print rug, maybe Coastal rugs, have you seen Distressed or Geometric rugs? Find the one, the right size based on the measurements of your living room, and pull the purchase trigger. Once you have your beloved focal points, your couch, your rug, coffee table, and perhaps you have enough room for a side chair, you have moved on choosing the details of your decorating.

Experts and designers have said that decorating in threes will leave your space feeling more balanced and not too cluttered. On your coffee table, jazz it up with some relevant coffee books, perhaps a decorative bowl to throw your knick-knacks in. Add a candle, if only for the beautiful ambiance and the aroma that it provides. Brighten and cleanse your living room with a vibrant green plant. Not only does it add a positive pop to the corner of a room, but plants also absorb toxins within your air, purifying the air you breathe. It’s a no brainer.