House With Pets

Ten Tips For Cleaning a House With Pets

Ten Tips For Cleaning a House With Pets

As much as people love their pets, they do not love cleaning up after them, which is going to be a commonplace occurrence for all pet owners. Pet owners can still prepare for the inevitable problems and accidents in many different ways, even independently. However, a House cleaning Boston MA or maid service can still really help the individuals who are struggling with keeping a house clean with pets.

1. Use a HEPA vacuum.

People with pet allergies, even mild ones, might absolutely need a vacuum like this one. Even the people without pet allergies might still benefit from getting a vacuum that is truly going to remove all of the pet dander and all of the fine pet hairs, and a HEPA vacuum will do that. A HEPA vacuum should manage to remove many of the toxins from a person’s home, and the erasure of pet dander is just part of the process.

2. Choose chemicals that are not dangerous for pets.

Some people end up using cleaning chemicals that are going to be unsafe for their animals without even knowing it. There are plenty of effective household chemicals that are not dangerous in any way for members of any species.

3. Brush cats and dogs regularly.

They say that prevention matters much more than any treatment method. People who brush their cats and dogs three times a week or so are going to find that there will be less cleaning to do, and that their cats and dogs will be healthier and tidier as a result. Many dogs and cats like to be brushed, since it makes them feel more loved and they like the attention. People will keep the dander and fur off of their floors and on the brushes instead.

4. Clean the litter box as often as possible.

People with cats should remember that cats are not going to use a litter box that is very dirty. Cleaning a litter box twice a day and changing the litter every ten days or so is going to help people when it comes to preventing accidents.

5. Clean up human food mess.

Dogs and cats, along with some other animals, are going to want to jump on surfaces that have food. They will usually make a mess in the process. People who are good at cleaning up after themselves are going to have pets that are functionally tidier in many different ways.

6. Clean cages and habitats daily.

The people who have reptiles and animals like that should be sure to wipe down their habitats and changes daily, or at least as often as possible. People should also wash dog or cat beds as often as they wash the rest of their laundry. Often times, animals will spread around anything that has contaminated their beds or habitats, and that is how they generate a lot of mess. Reptiles in particular can spread salmonella and other forms of bacteria.

7. Use essential oils.

There are plenty of essential oils that will manage to repel certain pets but that are not actually toxic to them. People will be able to keep their pets away from certain surfaces as a result of these essential oils, and they will keep the rest of their houses tidier as a result. Some of the essential oils will kill the parasites that pets can manage to spread accidentally, and people might be able to prevent infestations that way.

8. Moisten spills immediately.

People who notice that their pets had accidents should try to prevent the area from drying out, even if they cannot get to the area right away. Immediately applying anything is going to help. People will at least be able to prevent the stains that way.

9. Gives dogs plenty of outdoor time.

Many dogs end up having accidents just because they were unable to get outside in time. Dogs who spend more time outdoors in general are less likely to be in that situation, and they will have less time and space to get the house dirty anyway.

10. Cover up pet food containers.

Many people leave pet food containers open, and even if the pets themselves don’t get into them, the rodents might. It becomes that much more important for people to make sure that they keep their pets away from supplies like that if they want to keep their houses clean.