On-Call Condo Cleaning in Boston

On-Call Condo Cleaning in Boston


Ocean Blue Services, LLC is an all-around cleaning service company that is available on-call.  For any condominium, apartment or household unit tidying and sanitation needs in Boston and the greater Massachusetts area, we are just a phone call away.  Most of our Bostonians preferred clients use Ocean Blue Services on-call housekeeping because of the following sensible reasons:

  1. Safety

We take extreme care in selecting and hiring our house cleaning experts.  The highest standards of competency, honesty, and courtesy are used and continuous evaluation of our service providers are conducted to ensure that we always give you our Handy Happiness Guarantee.  You can opt to personally monitor our staff while they work or leave them to tidy up your apartment when you’re out with other commitments.


  1. Value for Money

Call us only when you need us.  We are available 24/7.  Do away with overhead costs of paying the salary of a maid or butler that stays in your home, eats your food and consumes utilities.  We can sit and discuss what is best for you and your home.  Rest assured, our rates are very affordable.


  1. Efficiency

We train and develop our manpower non-stop.  We are equipped with the best and most modern cleaning equipment and materials and are always updated with the best cleaning products and practices.  The methods and materials we use when we come to clean your condo or house are formulated after discussing your health concerns and other issues.


With Ocean Blue Services, you can be sure your home is professionally cleaned according to your most discriminating standards.  Our services include regular cleaning, after-party cleaning, deep cleaning, upholstery, carpet and mattress cleaning, steam cleaning and grease trap cleaning.  We also clean by area:

  • Our kitchen fixer upper package includes washing dishes, disposing of trash, mopping floors, degreasing and cleaning stoves and ovens, dusting shelves, sanitizing counters, cleaning windows, wiping backsplash, polishing faucets and disinfecting the entire area.
  • While in your bedroom, we can tidy the bed and change the linens. We can mop and polish the floor or shampoo and vacuum the carpet.  We can get rid of trash and sanitize your room of rest.
  • We can tidy up the couch in your living room, sweep, mop and polish floor, clean the windows and work on carpet cleaning. Ornaments and frames can be dusted and wiped clean, while other furniture can be cleaned and polished if necessary.
  • In the dining room, we can assist in rearranging furniture and give the same quality cleaning we provide in other areas of the house.
  • Sanitation is our utmost concern when cleaning your toilet. We purge toilets from mold and mildew, wash wipe and polish where necessary and leave this room fresh and clean.

We also provide other services such as refrigerator cleaning and defrosting, range hood cleaning, laundry washing closet detailing and organizing and moving assistance.  Whatever housekeeping help you need, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Give us a call.  Let’s work around your availability so we can give you our free in-house estimates.  Our friendly customer service personnel are available anytime to take your inquiries.