Office cleaning services

Ocean Blue Services is a cleaning company with an office cleaning services section. Our Cleaning Services meets many business owners’ needs when it comes to their offices or buildings being cleaned regularly. Located in Boston, Ma. we work every day and night. With some of the best in cleaning strategies for your office, our commercial cleaning professionals can customize a regular program for you office or building.

In fact, with our cleaning services, we’ll work around your employees schedules so as not to disrupt your company’s business. You choose the schedule. Our services and cleaning efforts are customized according to the company and the staffs requests.

Spotless shine

Office to office with basic office cleaning services that can be regularly scheduled by our trained professionals. Bonded and insured, our company can handle the small and large company offices. We ensure that we will not leave your offices or building until it is clean, disinfected, and overall spotless. Our maintenance and cleaning crews guarantee specific routines that will improve the look of your office.

Our Cleaning services has many years of experience in the medical offices, educational institutions, financial Services, worship buildings, engineering, or construction, and any other professional building with offices that may need regular cleaning.

What builds up during the work week are the traffic and trash that most people leave behind. Therefore, we have the right crew, products, equipment, and professional staff to get the job done.

Floor cleansing

Having a clean floor in the office or building helps your company look great to your clients and prospects. Our professionals have the equipment and products to clean all types of floors. Some of those floors that will get a great clean and afterglow are marble, hardwood, and if you have rug or carpet, well we can handle that too.

Surface cleaning

There are many areas of an office building that may go unnoticed, but we notice. With that said, dusts, dirt, and filth accumulate in many areas that you may not notice. Although it’s harmful to your health, especially those with breathing sensitivities, we’ll make sure that surface cleaning around your office is completed. This will also include windows and doors.

Public or employee restroom

Some of the areas that are sometimes unbearable for anyone to use are the restroom facilities by the end of the day and week. We offer the proper restroom cleaning services which you will be proud of. In fact, it is the most sensitive room to clean for many, but we can do this for you. Ocean Blue Services uses green products which are safe and work on even the dirtiest of public bathrooms. Sanitizing the entire area will ensure that your clients, employees, or visitors are in a safe healthy public facility once we are through.

Trash cleanup

When trash accumulates by the end of the day or evening, the worse thing is to leave it out. We can take care of this task for you by taking the trash our and cleaning the trash bins for you. It will definitely stay odor free when this is done on a regular basis.

Break area

For offices that have a lunch or break area for their employees or visitors, we can handle the cleaning in that area as well. All the appliances, counter tops, floors, tables, chairs,…etc. will be thoroughly cleaned for you and sanitized thoroughly. For any break room or kitchenette where food is involved, cleaning is the magic word which also helps prevent any “four-legged creatures.”

Finally, having a regular cleaning and maintenance routine for your business is imperative to you and your staff. It’s a healthy step to a clean environment, plus it looks good for your business. No one wants to do business or work in an unsanitary work environment. Get in touch with us!