Odd Cleaning Jobs

Ocean Blue Services Say Yes to Odd Cleaning Jobs

Ocean Blue Services Say Yes to Odd Cleaning Jobs


At Ocean Blue Services, LLC, part of our company’s working philosophy is to do everything and anything when it comes to cleaning like odd cleaning jobs.  There are a lot of cleaning professionals who snub difficult cleaning tasks.  Not us.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of fighting dirt and grime.

From your homes to your offices and even architectural structures, we find ways to wash, scrub, and clean away all the potential health hazards.  A spic and span place is a comfortable place people want to look at or return to again and again.

While regular cleaning is commonplace, there are those dirt-purging jobs that even the able-bodied, strong-willed and skilled folks would rather avoid or do without.  Whatever that cleansing challenge is, we are up to ridding you of it.

Here are a few examples of those odd cleaning jobs we’d be more than happy to carry out for you:

Warehouse Cleaning

So you have a huge space with a high-ceiling filled with boxes of knick-knacks that has to be sanitized.  Your personnel is busy with other tasks.  They can help move around inventory, but they are not up to the burden of dusting and tidying.  They argue it wasn’t part of their job description.  Ocean Blue Services provide the competent set of workers you need to keep your warehouse and goods looking clean and neat.  Aside from providing assistance in neatly piling up boxes, we will dust the ceiling and shelves, scrub and polish walls and floors, clean beams, vacuum and sanitize storage spaces, clean glass, dispose of trash and disinfect the entire area all for a very affordable price.


Before, During and After Party Cleaning

No need to preoccupy yourself with cleaning up before, during or after your party venue be it your home or in your office.  Just concentrate on the nitty-gritty of making your affair the party of a lifetime!  Ocean Blue Services will be your invisible helpers tending to your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining area, party area and toilet and bathroom, washing, scrubbing, tidying and freshening up.


Post-Construction Cleaning

Dust, debris, and hazardous material from building homes or renovating offices can wreak havoc in your lives.  Not only is leaving construction areas unkempt a potential health impediment, it not aesthetically pleasing either.  While improvements are being made to your house or building have Ocean Blue Services pick up after the mess.  And when all the construction work has been completed and our cleaning professionals have packed away the last speck of dust and freshened up the place, you’ll be able to continue with your day-to-day activities like there was no downtime to begin with!


Other Odd Jobs

Putting your house up for sale?  Expecting a new baby into your domicile.  Moving into a new abode?  Don’t have the time to wash, scrub, and sanitize the filth off your home?  Ocean Blue Services will take care of those deep cleaning requirements.  We’ll even get to the bottom of that lingering stench in your house, disinfect and make sure only sweet smelling scents remain.


It is our Handy Happiness Guarantee to provide you with any and every cleaning job you need.  You name it and we’ll clean it.  Book an in-house assessment today and we’ll tailor fit the most cost-efficient package just for you.