Thanksgiving home cleaning

Invaluable Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Invaluable Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen


Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Although many people look forward to the holiday, the thought of cooking and cleaning in the kitchen makes them cringe. Just because you have to cook all the Thanksgiving delicacies does not mean that your kitchen should be in a mess. Luckily, this guide will look at how you can keep it clean.

Start Clean

When you start preparing your meals, it is easy for things to get overwhelming in the kitchen making Thanksgiving cleaning very hectic. Countertops will quickly overflow with different food items and a lot of clutter. You can avoid all this by starting clean. Before you get started in your kitchen, take time to clean and declutter it. Go ahead and clean out the oven and stovetop to eliminate the risk of fires, if you don’t want or can’t clean yourself hire a local cleaning service company.

Get the Refrigerator Sorted Out

Holiday cleaning is not all about the floor and countertops. Your refrigerator also needs to be well organized so that you are not inconvenienced. Remember, food is usually served in plenty during Thanksgiving, and thus you will need enough space in your refrigerator. It is advisable that before the big day, you empty out the fridge to clean it. This gives you an opening to toss out old leftovers and expired foods. It also gives you a chance to reorganize items to make more room.

Do Not Let Dirt Pile Up

It is expected that messes will pile up as you go, but you have to stay on top by continuously cleaning as you go on. This lets you stay on top of the kitchen. The best thing is to keep a sink of warm water so that you can wash dirty dishes as they come in. Focus on running the dishwasher as soon as it fills ups so that dirty dishes do not start overflowing. In the case of spills on the countertops, wipe them before they become sticky messes. This way you will have very minimal work to do at the end of it and will help you get a cheap house cleaning if you wish to hire a company for a residential cleaning company for the holidays.

Get Disposable Containers

This does not mean that you serve your food in disposable containers. It applies to your guests. It is a tradition for guests to come carrying food during Thanksgiving. Sometimes clearing these dishes can be quite a hassle and they can also create a mess in the kitchen. Luckily, you can avoid this by asking them to bring their food in disposable containers. Anything that cuts down the dishes that you have to do during and after Thanksgiving is a definite win.

Involve Everyone

Everyone relishes spending time with their loved ones and doing everything together during Thanksgiving. You can leverage this love for Thanksgiving in the kitchen too in order to simplify your holiday cleaning. If you get many hands involved, you will be able to keep countertops spotless and sinks clear of any dishes. Other than just helping with the cleanliness of the kitchen, having many people in the kitchen can help you cook faster and get everything ready on time.

Cook in Advance

One of the reasons for having a messy kitchen during Thanksgiving is cooking everything all at once. You can avoid this by preparing some foods way in advance and freezing them. Things like vegetables, cranberries, and appetizers can be prepared a day or two before Thanksgiving dinner to lessen the workload on the big day. You will just need to defrost and warm them for the guests. However, things like stuffing and gravy can wait until that day, this will avoid that the house cleaning job to be heavy.

Do Not Make Everything at Home

You do not have to make everything at home. There are shortcuts that you can take to help you minimize the workload that you have in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. The beauty of such shortcuts is that your guests will probably not even be able to tell the difference between homemade and food that you ordered. Side dishes and desserts can conveniently be obtained from the nearest grocery store, and you will not spend much money on them. Through buying such foods, your kitchen will stay clean and your guests happy, by doing this strategy probably will prevent you to hire for a deep cleaning maid services after.

Thanksgiving takes work, and it is also an opportunity to spend time with family. By incorporating these Thanksgiving cleaning tips into your kitchen routine, you will not only be safe but also keep the kitchen clean.