Myths around Traditional Home Cleaning

When it comes to a “home cleaning service“, you will certainly want to know what they are doing. There are so many options in “Boston” for an “apartment maid service,” but you probably want the best. Knowing what’s true about home cleaning and what the myths are will help you weed out someone trying to sell you snake’s oil along with your “home cleaning service.” In the following article, we will explore the myths around traditional home cleaning:


  1. Natural Cleaners Are Always Better


The fact is, natural cleaners might be cheaper, or just more commonly found around the household, but really, are they better? Let’s take for example the myth of using vinegar to clean everything. Vinegar is alright when it comes to some cleaning, like mirrors, but it’s never the ideal cleaner. You won’t get allergies if you use it, provided you are not allergic to vinegar. However, when it comes to disinfecting, it just doesn’t have what it takes to clean an entire bathroom. Also, add in the smell and you might want to go with something that is a little more pleasant on the nostrils.


  1. A Little Dirt will Help you be More Hearty


You might have heard this from your grandma. They are always talking about how they used to eat dirt and that they turned out so well. In fact, dirty households are not OK. They don’t help you build immunity. If you slack, you’re more likely to attract pests and to give yourself a common cold. People that live in dirty homes almost always struggle with other tasks, such as home maintenance. This general disrepair can lead to problems such as mold. If there’s one thing that we know as a “Boston cleaner,” it’s that dirty households are a health hazard. This is not a service that you want to cut out of your budget.


  1. The Old Tools Work Better Than the New Ones


This is actually not always true. You will find that a Roomba will work better as it is always roving about. The old vacuums with the cords do not have the same suction power. If you are trying to revive an old vacuum that is from the 80s or 70s, it probably won’t be that great. Yes, some people might use them to clean public hallways, but they certainly aren’t superior to an HVAC system. Also, there are cheaper and older cordless vacuums that don’t work at all. The newer ones with the name and the latest technology work much better.


As you can see, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to your home cleaning. There are so many myths, and these can all be solved by trusting your home to a reputable professional. They will use effective products that have cleaning power that is scientifically proven. Also, investing in a central vacuum system for your home will make the cleaner’s job a whole lot easier.