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Many Reasons to Engage Ocean Blue Service for House Cleaning in Boston

Many Reasons to Engage Ocean Blue Service for House Cleaning in Boston.


When it comes to house cleaning, Boston isn’t exactly short on options. We here at Ocean Blue Service feel strongly that we’re the best organization around for residential cleaning in Boston. We aren’t just saying this for the sake of it, we have plenty of reasons for believing it to be true:

1. Professional Staff Members

Our entire workforce has been trained and certified for common cleaning tasks, so you can confide in our ability and competence. We provide high-quality service, and we believe in the importance of punctuality. With our skilled team on the job, you won’t have to do any cleaning chores yourself.

2. Extensive Coverage Area

We’re based in the City of Boston, and we service the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Whether you live in the heart of Beantown, in a suburb, or in another city, like Worcester, Springfield or Lowell, we’re here to carry out your cleaning assignments. We can work on properties of any size or layout.

3. Meticulous Cleaning Processes

Here at Ocean Blue Service, we don’t play games when it comes to thorough cleaning. We’ll tackle every room in your place, and we won’t just do a quick or superficial job. We’ll embark diligently on all the tough housework, like disinfecting your bathroom, cleaning the inside of your oven, polishing your sink faucets, wiping fingerprints from your windows and more.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s our goal to treat each and every client as a unique person with her or her own preferences. We’ll work hard to achieve your satisfaction on any job you entrust to us and endeavor to give you excellent customer service. If you’re not happy with any aspect of our work, let us know within 24 hours, and we’ll return to your location to make it right free of charge.

5. One-Time and Recurring Service

You can enlist our aid for a special project, such as move-in or move-out cleaning, cleanup in the wake of remodeling work, or deep cleaning. We also offer several recurring service options, giving you the ability to have us come by your home weekly, biweekly or monthly so that the condition of your spaces doesn’t deteriorate too much in between appointments.

6. Honesty and Integrity

Our personnel are all employees of our firm; we use no outside contractors. They’ve all been screened and have passed comprehensive background checks, and in addition, they’re bonded and insured. We’ll act in a responsible and trustworthy manner when you allow us to access your property. You can feel safe permitting our crew members to do their jobs even if you’re absent from the building, but of course, you can stay at home while they work if that’s what you’d prefer.

7. Environmental Friendliness

These days, it’s unconscionable to needlessly harm our natural surroundings given the information we now possess about how disastrous such a course of action can be. Our supplies have been carefully chosen for their ecological sustainability; we don’t use toxic or dangerous chemicals.

8. Free Quotes

We’ll issue you a no-charge estimate of how much our cleaning services will cost you. You’ll therefore be able to budget for us without having to worry about being caught short. Request your quote easily and conveniently any day of the week by phone, email or webform, or get in touch with us through the handy live chat feature of our website.

9. Commercial Cleaning Services

Besides our popular residential cleaning services, Ocean Blue Service is also prepared to undertake commercial jobs. If you like the way we clean your house, you can book us to get your office, store, restaurant or other facility just as immaculate and spotless. Or if you work for someone else, you can inform your boss about us, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy a fresh and well-organized workplace.

10. Gift Cards

If you know someone who you think could benefit from our services, then you can give that person the gift of cleaning. Available in a range of denominations, our gift cards are a great choice regardless of your current financial situation. The types of clients who may find our services useful include busy professionals, senior citizens, new moms and other individuals who lack the time or energy to do their own cleaning.

11. Referral Program

We want to become more than just an anonymous cleaning service to you. We aim to establish a long-term relationship with you and hope you begin to refer us to your friends and family. When you refer a new client to us, you’ll qualify for a 30% discount while the person referred gets a 20% discount. You can even save up these discounts and trade them in for free service.

Enlist Ocean Blue Service if you wish to partake in the numerous advantages that we offer. We’re a leading choice for residential cleaning in Boston. Contact us today and request a quote for house cleaning in Boston.