Made for Maids

Made for Maids


Maids.  Butler.  Babysitter.  Nanny.  Housekeeper.  However you call these people who have played important roles in our upbringing, they are best known for one thing: keeping our homes neat and clean literally and figuratively.  But while Hollywood depicts maids as underpaid individuals employed by the rich who forever cleaned, arranged, raised kids and cared for families, it is certain that the lives of “the bosses” would not have become more refined if household chores were not delegated to these house experts.


At Ocean Blue Services, LLC, not only are we here to make your life easier.  Our house-cleaning professionals are more than willing to showcase our Handy Happiness Guarantee to all our homeowners—that’s excellent customer service with a smile!  We also ensure your safety and security as very strict personality, identity, background and professional practice checks are conducted on a regular basis.


As to work proficiency, cleaning is only one of many cleaning services we provide residents in Boston and the greater Massachusetts area.  We vacuum carpets, do laundry, dust furniture, sanitize bathrooms, polish floors and scrub windows.  We also assist in organizing your house or rearranging your home décor for a new and more comfortable feel for you, your family and your visitors.  Yes, your house pets will thank you too for availing of our animal-friendly approach.


We are proud of our excellent cleaning expertise and would like to give you a free in-house assessment.  Check out our portfolio of cleaning professionals and their corresponding competencies.  We’d like to match you with the right person for the job.  You’ll find that all of our services are priced well within your budget, something an average working hero can most definitely afford.  While we are visiting, we’d like to work with you closely in determining a unique cleaning package with a maid you are comfortable with.


Maids service availability is never an issue with Ocean Blue Services.  We can come and clean up your mess anytime of day and week.  Timeliness is likewise given great importance by our cleaning staff.  Tell us how much cleaning we can do based on what your available schedule will permit and we will work around it.  Your options are limitless.


Ocean Blue Services uses top-of-line cleaning implements, effects and methods.  We can clean the tightest apartments, the messiest condos and the most spacious mansion in a jiffy.  As we believe that cleanliness brings wealth to health, we are very sensitive to your preference of cleaning materials.  Just let us know your health concerns and we will use the most health-friendly cleaning paraphernalia.


Our wide selection of maids and butlers are on standby to help uplift your living standards. Our 24/7 hotline is ready to take your calls, even for house cleaning emergencies.  Just dial (617) 929-5002 and one of our friendly agents will bring you closer to a clean home.  You can also list down your queries and hit us up through our email address at  Make your life easier with Ocean Blue Services, LLC.