Carpet Cleaning

The Lowdown on Carpet Cleaning

The Lowdown on Carpet Cleaning.


One of the many cleaning jobs our Ocean Blue Services, LLC clients in Boston request for on a regular basis is our carpet cleaning service.  While most people are familiar with the basic concept of vacuuming, the different techniques that can be used in deep cleaning carpets are as alien as the debris imbedded in the carpet’s recesses.

In order for you to better understand the process of carpet cleaning, allow us to introduce to you the common techniques of sanitizing mattings.

Hot Water Extraction

Sometimes confused with steam cleaning, the hot water extraction (HWE) process involves the extraction of soil from the carpet using hot water.  First, the carpet is preconditioned with ammonia solution for synthetic carpets or acidic solutions for carpets made from wool.  These solutions are mixed with hot water and are applied onto the carpet using machine sprays.  The idea behind the preconditioning is to loosen dirt and soften abrasive particles deeply set into the carpet without compromising the carpet’s structural integrity.

Next comes the extraction process where the water mixture and debris are vacuumed.  Ideally, vacuuming airflow is adjusted such that carpets are left dry enough so issues such as mold growth and carpet discoloration are minimized.  Sometimes, using extra fans, dehumidifiers, and outdoor ventilation is necessary to reduce drying time.

The HWE technique is touted to be the most effective carpet cleaning method as it uses more water compared to other techniques.  Therefore, debris is removed and carpets are disinfected thoroughly.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Heavily dependent on a combination of dry compounds and cleaning solutions, this technique utilizes very low moisture or VLM systems that significantly reduce drying times.  Dry chemical compounds dissolve and absorb dirt making it easier to use the vacuum cleaner. Using dry chemical compounds is more costly compared with the preconditioning carpet solutions used in HWE but repels dirt better.  It is also less labor-intensive as specialized automated machines that are mounted on the cleaning area are merely switched on to do the cleaning.  However, it is important to note that a very efficient dry compound extraction system to remove all residues should be applied as these can cause allergic reactions in humans and pets and discolor carpets.

Carpet Shampooing

This is a no-rinse approach where shampoo is scrubbed in using a rotary machine then removed with detailed vacuuming.  Shampoo residue is expected, which dries into a powder-like substance.  Dirt attach to the powder, which then could easily be vacuumed.  Since shampoos are not rinsed off and because of the sponge-like quality of its powdery substance, the powerful residue can continue to attract dirt making the carpet look dirtier if it is not vacuumed daily after cleaning.

Vacuum Washing

This is a basic quick-drying carpet cleaning means of removing debris approximately half an inch deep.  Commonly used in between deep cleaning procedures, a wash head attached to the vacuum cleaner sprays water onto the carpet and is immediately extracted.  This technique can be used with or without pads or brushes, leaves no cleaning chemical residue, and has a minimal abrasive impact on the carpet.

Carpets need regular cleaning.  While the services listed above are the most common procedures used in disinfecting carpets, we at Ocean Blue Services design cleaning packages best suited for your matting and budgets.  Give our cleaning specialists a call for our other cleaning services and free estimate.