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I need a maid to clean my home: step by step guide

I need a maid to clean my home: step by step guide


Hiring a maid means that you will have to invite someone to your house to do the cleaning for you. While it’s very convenient and allows you to save a lot of time, you have to make sure that you employ a reputable company. If you are living in Boston, finding the right residential cleaning Boston is easy if you know where to look. If you are at the beginning of your search, follow the below step-by-step guide on how to find the right house cleaning Boston service.

1. Decide what kind of cleaning is needed in your house.

Before you even search for a company, go around your house and see what kind of cleaning you want. Do you need someone to come and clean your house one time thoroughly, or do you want to get a maid who would come to your place on a regular basis, helping you keep your house clean and organized? How many rooms, you have that you would like to have cleaned? It’s good to have a good understanding of what needs to be done so that you can give all the necessary information to your chosen house cleaning service.

2. Start looking for the right service.

The next step is to start looking for the company. Once you know your needs, you can easily Google all the necessary information. Look for quality reviews and opinions from others. If you find it hard to trust someone over the Internet, look for referrals from the people you know for example your neighbors, family or friends. In fact, neighbors are an excellent choice because they usually use a company which is servicing houses in your area, is always a good choice as it allows you to save a little bit on the fees. Remember to make a list of all the companies that you find online or which others suggest to you.

3. Check the companies from your list.

Once you have a list of companies, make sure that they provide services you’re interested in. Look for testimonials, see how long it has been on the market, and what is the company’s experience. Of course, words written on the website are not enough. It’s best if you order a one time cleaning from a company of your choice to see the results before you sign up a long-term deal. An excellent example of a one-time service to test results is a deal offered by Ocean Blue Service .

4. Make sure they are operating in your area

Most companies allow you to check the area serviced even before you call them. Simply go to their website and type in your ZIP Code in the search bar to see which areas are covered.

5. Take care of your security

Make sure that the company employs legal employees with screened background. You don’t want people with questionable past to walk around your house when you’re not at home.

6. Price and payment

Everyone would like to have the best service done for the best price possible. That’s not always the case, and sometimes quality will suffer if you look only at the price. In fact, you should avoid making the lowest price your number one factor by which you choose the company. Similarly, no one likes overpaying. Of course, reputable companies such as, for example, Ocean Blue Service offer a free estimate – this way you know upfront how much you will have to pay for the chosen services.

7. Call the company

Although you can contact any company using email or through an online form, making a call is the best way to see whether you can communicate with the company. The same applies to cleaners who come to your house. Test period (usually a one-time cleaning) is the best way to determine whether you can communicate with your cleaners. These people will come to your house on the regular basis, and you want them to communicate well with you. Getting a cleaner who follows your expectations and understand your needs is critical and can make or break your relationship with the cleaning company.

8. Sign the contract

Once you have all the required information, it’s time to choose the best company and simply hire them. There’s nothing more you can do, and there’s no point in hesitating anymore. If you believe the communication is excellent between you and your cleaner, they offer all the services that you need for an affordable price – that sounds like a jackpot. Of course, sign a contract only after you see them in action during a one-off cleaning.

Once you get a cleaning service to your house, there are two things which you should keep in mind:

9. Be polite. Cleaners are people too.

Treat your cleaning service with respect. These people walk around your house and take care of your staff. It’s best to establish a good relationship with them. We are all people, and we like to give back for the good things that we receive. Being rude, and treating your staff with lack of respect may not only lead to conflict but the quality of service may drop down. Of course, a professional company would never allow that to happen, but cleaners are just people, and you cannot predict their reaction to rudeness.

10. Some things cannot be done.

Although a good residential cleaning Boston company will offer you a broad range of services, there are things which you cannot demand. Make sure that you explain all your expectations before you hire a company to come to your house on a regular basis to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. Getting the right company to do the job is crucial if you want to keep your house clean.