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How To Write A House Cleaning List For Your Maid: 7 Things You Must Point Out For The Best Results

How To Write A House Cleaning List For Your Maid: 7 Things You Must Point Out For The Best Results.


Home cleaning is often time-consuming and tedious. Luckily, you can save yourself the trouble and hire a professional house cleaner or maid to handle the hard work for you. In most cases your maid does the cleaning tasks when you are not at home and when you get back, your first instinct is to evaluate how they do.


Whether they are from a cleaning company or work as individuals, they may meet your expectations or not. It is advisable to come up with a house cleaning list to ensure you get the best results after the work your maid does. The list ensures that your whole house is thoroughly cleaned to your standards each time. Are you wondering how to write a house cleaning list for your cleaner? Take a look at seven things you ought to point out. 


1. Kitchen Guidelines

Your kitchen is one area in your house that needs daily cleaning since it is constantly in use. Ensure that you indicate that your maid needs to load and unload the dishwasher and wash the dishes manually. It is also essential to instruct them to scrub the sink, dust and wipe off the kitchen counter and table. The maid also needs to clean the exterior of the kitchen appliances, sweep the floor or mop depending on its type. 


1. How to Clean the Bathroom(s)

Another section of your house that needs just as much attention as the kitchen is the bathroom. It is one part that depicts the hygiene levels in your home, so it needs to be sparkling clean for everyone to enjoy their stay. In case you have more than one bathroom in your residence, the workload increases for your maid as they need to clean all of them. When writing a checklist for cleaning the bathroom, ensure your maid knows that some of the tasks they need to do include cleaning the toilet, bathroom sinks and counters.


The bathtub or shower also need frequent scrubbing as they are often in use more than once in a day. It is also their responsibility to polish the mirrors and refill items such as the toilet paper, cotton balls, and the toilet paper. The floor also needs to be catered to so that it stays dry, not slippery to prevent accidents and injuries. 


1. Areas For Cleaning the Living Room

Another space that you instruct your maid on how to clean on your house cleaning list for the maid is the living room. Most times, this is where you host guests who visit you, so it is the ideal place for a first impression. A checklist ensures you do not get disappointed when your maid cleans your living room since they have missed some spots or skipped some tasks. Instruct your cleaner to dust surfaces and the shelves in the room. They can also pick up any clutter that is lying around in the room and also vacuum the carpet and arrange the furniture. 


1. What To Do When Cleaning the Bedroom

 It is also important to leave guidelines on what you expect from your maid when it comes to cleaning the bedrooms in the house. One task they should handle is to make the beds and change the linens. If you have a carpet in the room, the maid should also vacuum it to get rid of dust so you can sleep soundly. They also need to dust the surfaces in the bedroom and organize closets and dressers. 


1. Laundry Rooms

In this area, your maid can fold and organize laundry. They can also clean and dust the top area and sides of your dryer and washer. The maid can also shake out and sweep any rugs in this room and de-cobweb the ceiling edges and corners. 


1. Other Tasks

In addition to cleaning the rooms in your home, your maid also needs to handle other general tasks that uphold the cleanliness of the residence. They can sweep your patio, remove trash from the house and clean areas such as the stairway, ceiling fans, windowsills, pictures, and lampshades.

Other areas that your maid should take note of are the doorknobs and light switches. Your maid should clean these parts with a disinfectant to remove germs that can spread bacteria since they are regularly touched by many people. In so doing, they do not become filthy and grimly. 


1. Add on Services

You can add some tasks to your house cleaning checklist when you need them but for an additional fee. Your maid can handle these add-on services once in a while depending on your preferences. You can ask them to clean appliances such as your refrigerator, oven, and freezer. Other add-on chores include cleaning blinds, walls and polishing windows.

Each home is different, and you may realize along the way there are other things that you want your cleaner to do. Add these tasks to your list. Do not be afraid of speaking up when you notice that there are things your maid is overlooking. With proper communication between you and your cleaner, it is easy to handle such an issue swiftly and peacefully. Most importantly, ensure you compensate your maid well for all the tasks they do.