How to Clean Vomit from Carpet

In the unfortunate event that someone, perhaps even a close friend, defecated on your rug, there are ways and protocols that you can follow to get the pungent stain out. Do not worry, you won’t have to burn the rug and throw out anything that was within the splash zone. Let’s start with what you should not do. Do not let any pets, if you have any, near the scene of the crime, without your watchful eye. We cannot afford to make a gross situation any grosser. Do not start picking up the vomit or using soap and water to rub out the mess. You could end up making your work harder for yourself, shmearing the heave into your rug fibers! Do not use any stain removers, pre-wash sprays or natural concoctions. Not only do you want the mess out of the carpet, but you want the smell up and out of your apartment or house. The smell of stomach acid and bile can tip those who smell it off into a fit of nausea themselves. Make it a priority to first ventilate your space, opening the windows in the room of the accident, while keeping the other doors closed.

Start by scraping off the excess vomit with disposable materials; using gloves, a face mask, and a stainless tool you don’t care for, start scooping the retch into a nearby garbage can. Next, you want to use a powder to absorb it and pull the liquid from the carpet fibers. Pour a very generous amount of baking soda on the stain, if you think you have poured enough, pour more, then let it soak into the carpet for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help get rid of the vomit odor, sodium bicarbonate, which is predominately found in baking soda, is a wonderful absorbent. Once you have waited fifteen to twenty minutes, vacuum the area completely.

Once the area is clear, empty your vacuum cleaner in the garbage and switch out the filter. If there is still a visible stain in the fibers of your rug, you can take a bucket, pour in water and OxiClean, take a scrub brush, more disposable gloves, another face mask, and gently probe at the rug. Dab but do not rub the stain, do not be afraid to use some elbow grease, be generous on the OxiClean but sparse on the amount of water you blot into the rug. Too much water could damage not only the soft fibers of your rug but also the material used to weave your rug, leaving a wilted stain that could be worse than the vomit stain. Since puke is a protein stain, like blood or urine, it is best to use an enzymatic cleaner. There are a few enzymatic cleaners that you can find at specialty stores, but this may be a task better suited for professionals.

Do a research dive on the internet, searching for professional carpet cleaners in your area, check out their honest reviews, and book an appointment. Some things are better left to the experts within your area.