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How To Avoid Spreading Germs In The Home: Tips for Cleaning During The Corona Virus

How To Avoid Spreading Germs In The Home: Tips for Cleaning During The Corona Virus

One of the most important things that you can to do protect your family during the Corona Virus is to clean your home. A spotless home will be much healthier than a dirty one. Today, we are going to learn some tips that you can use during this pandemic.


Forget The Wipes and Clean With Bleach

While sanitizing wipes are convenient they are not as powerful as household bleach. During the Corona Virus outbreak, sanitizing wipes may not be available in stores. Instead, you should stock up on bleach. Bleach can completely disinfect any surface in seconds. However, sanitizing wipes have to remain wet on the surface for a full 4 minutes before they completely get rid of the virus.


Don’t Forget The Floors

Cleaning countertops, door handles, light switches, and toilet seats are highly recommended. But you should not forget about your floors. If you are out in the public walking around, your feet can come into contact with the Covid-19. This could be carried into your home. Make sure that you disinfect your floors at least once a day if you go out. If you stay inside, you can mop a few times a week.


Use Your Dishwasher

If you own a dishwasher, use it. Most, if not all, dishwashers will eliminate germs much better than hand washing them. Dishwashers use high heat to clean and dry dishes which makes them much cleaner. If you don’t have a dishwasher, make sure you soak your dishes in hot soapy water before washing them.


Consult A Professional Cleaning Service

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the Corona Virus, you should consult with professional cleaners in Boston. Here at Ocean Blue Services, we know just how difficult these times can be. With so much going on during this pandemic, life can be stressful. If you need maid service, we are here for you. Our cleaning services in Boston has been helping people keep their homes clean for years. If you need advice on cleaning, please feel free to give us a call.