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How Much Does a Maid Cost? Weighing in the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Maid.

How Much Does a Maid Cost? Weighing in the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Maid.

When hiring a maid many people focus too much on the money, they have to pay for a cleaning company in Boston MA, entirely omitting the pros and cons of having your house cleaned by a professional. Of course, the price that you pay will differ depending on which service you use (Ocean Blue Service has a free estimate which you can use to check how much you’ll have to spend to enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience), and the size of your house, but the pros and cons are more or less the same.

Pros of Hiring a Maid

– You don’t have to do it yourself. This is the most obvious benefit. Not having to do your cleaning yourself gives you a lot of free time which you can use to do whatever you want. Of course, if you use it just to lay down on your sofa and daydream, you won’t really benefit too much. But if you spend this time with your friends or family or work on your professional skills the benefits may be endless, and it’s hard to compare that to a value expressed in cash.

– Professionals will take care of your house.

While many people believe there’s no point in hiring maid services, you can’t really beat years of experience of people who do the cleaning for a living. And it doesn’t matter that you believe you know your house better, because the maid will quickly learn the ins and outs of what needs to be done to keep your house clean.

– You always know when cleaning will be done.

Most cleaning services, including the Fabulous Maid, offer regular service which may include weekly biweekly or monthly cleaning (or whatever your needs are). Ordering cleaning on Fridays? Enjoy the weekend without having to spend the evening running around the house wiping out the dust.

– You don’t have to buy your own detergents.

While many people only look at the price you pay for the cleaning service, they rarely calculate that they don’t have to spend their own money on the detergents they would have to use if they did the cleaning on their own. While the saving is not really that significant, it should be taken into consideration.

A professional maid can quickly learn the ins and out of your house.

Moreover, she will adjust the cleaning process to fit your needs and the details of your home. This means, that over time the quality of cleaning service will go up – and you will get a person that takes care of your house who you can trust.

Of course, just like any other service you can use there are a few drawbacks which are hard to avoid – especially in the beginning.

Cons of hiring a maid

The learning curves. Although it has been just said that a maid quickly learns all about your requirements, this process takes time. This means that unless you keep one maid for some time, changing services can be a real burden. It’s best to choose one company and stick to them – every cleaning service, including the Fabulous Maid, offers a one-time cleaning service which you can use to test before you decide to stay with a company

The trust factor can be an issue. Not every householder will right away trust the maid in his house. This is especially true if you have a lot of valuable belongings. Although theft among cleaners is very rare, it happens. To avoid that it’s good to make your own due diligence on the company and check its reviews and opinions of customers.

– It will differ from what you are used to. Typical cleaning service want to do cleaning the way you did that. In the beginning, you may be annoyed by that and even disappointed as it will not be what you expected. This “adjustment time” can take a few weeks but after that if the service is of high quality you will have to do nothing more than enjoying the additional time that you have.

Hiring a maid has its pros and cons just like any other service. While some of them diminish over time or can be avoided if you choose a quality service, it’s always good to consider both sides of the same coin. If you can afford the price that you pay for the service and use your saved time wisely, you can benefit a few times more than you spend – but it will all depend on the quality of service you that you choose and what you do with your additional free time.