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House guests are coming? your 4 steps game plan

House guests are coming? your 4 steps game plan


Why hire cleaning service before guests arrives?

At the same instance we get closer to the holiday seasons we are getting ready to welcome all our guests, knowing that special day the home must be cleaner than ever to receive them. Of course you always want to make a good impression. If you do not want to complicate your life, but still want to have your house impeccable for your guests, hire a house cleaning service to help you do all the hard work in less time and with high quality.

That special day do not stress if you dont have time to do these responsibilities and need to ask for a help, as this would be your best choice! Everything will be much faster at an affordable price and you can take care of other tasks such as food and phone calls.

Cases like this one occur, and increasingly often, since, in modern times, and a very positive way, both husband, and wife work, but this can lead to situations where the need to hire a maid service home is the solution. House cleaning service is more than just an anti-stress treatment. It is an encouragement to live life more intensely, and carefree, thanks to a service that gives you confidence, tranquility, security, relief and flexibility. If you want to do all the work as quickly as possible and with the required quality and you will not be exhausted when the guests start arriving.

When you hire a maid service, do it with quite a few hours before your visitors arrive, so you have time to plan everything and make sure all the necessary things are ready for the arrival of the guests. Do not leave everything to the last minute. Follow these simple tips to have your house arranged as quickly as possible.

1.-Always the first impression is the most important.

The best way to be sure that your residence is in good condition is to leave the house and enter reviewing every element because it is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive. Check if the sidewalk and the main entrance is dirty, all the toys on the floor and garden items you have left out save them. Under what conditions is the door, the carpet or buzzer entry? Deal with fixing that first, and then continue to organize all other rooms your visitors will surely see, also the cleaning service will do the deeper work, but you can see all the extra detail.

2.Make a quick decoration.

As you will not have time to go to the store and buy decorations for the house you can be creative and look for things you have on hand as beautiful flowers from the garden and put them in a vase with water on the table. Place a family picture frame or a book of photographs on the coffee table.

3. Make room for guests and sets the stage

At the entrance, make sure that you include where to put their coats and other things that guests can bring, like an umbrella if it rains. Once in the room, make sure you have enough for everyone to sit comfortably space and tries to rearrange the chairs to create an intimate conversation, where no one has to yell to be heard or is so far away from everyone else sitting relegated.

Check that the temperature is a few degrees below the standard, because as more people are in the house the ambient temperature will rise naturally. To create a welcoming atmosphere you can light a few candles, put pleasant music and perfume the air with aromatizer.

4. Look bathroom

If you have children and pets it will probably be useful to review the bathroom before guests arrive, by focusing on what guests may notice, as the lavatory and sink. Although do not worry because the house cleaning service will do all that work (for you). But be sure there is toilet paper, place a new bar soap clean hand towels, and give a dash of fragrance with an air freshener.

Follow these 4 steps to quickly sort your domicile  and your house will shine when visitors arrive. Sharing with family will always be a unique moment in our lives, make those moments become something special is our best gift. Everyone feels good in the company is what really matters. So we present this simple 4-step guide to quickly organize your home while the <a href=”https://oceanblueservices.com/services/house-cleaning/”>house cleaning  service</a> is working and before arriving visitors!