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The Best Possible Techniques for Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring

The Best Possible Techniques for Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring.


Hardwood floors can give your house an elegant and exquisite look. Hardwood floor cleaning comes in many brand and may not always work, depending on your surface. Installing hardwood flooring in your house also makes it appear classy. Nonetheless, should the flooring become dirty, all your work is then in vain. Rather than appear fine and shiny, a hardwood floor looks truly lackluster and old when dirty. Thus you must know how it is cleaned and maintained.


Preventative Maintenance 

You must adopt smart preventative maintenance before thinking of cleaning your floor. You lower required cleaning time in this way. You can start with positioning a doormat at exterior or interior entrances to avoid tracked-in dirt. During snowy or rainy weather, which could bring wood-damaging moisture in, a boot removal area is a truly perfect idea.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning Basic Care

Several techniques for cleaning hardwood flooring exist. Select the one most suited to your kind of flooring. Then again, for the best possible outcomes, you can combine more than one technique. This is recommended by expert home cleaning services firms like Ocean Blue Services LLC.



This cleaning routine is the most basic of all. To avoid dirt build-up, sweep your floor as often as needed. In highly trafficked areas like kitchens and dining rooms, sweep once or twice daily at a minimum. Nevertheless, you must use a soft broom as a hard one can damage you floor via scratching. You can vacuum to complement sweeping.



To eradicate hair, dust and several other dirt types, you can vacuum biweekly or weekly. A vacuum cleaner with an attached floor-brush is most ideal for wooden floors. One featuring an attached beater bar could scratch your floor’s smooth finish in the end.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Polishing

This is one among the most effective means of cleaning hardwood flooring. First, use a stripper to remove the old wax, or rub mineral spirits into the hardwood. You should then dry it off using a soft and clean piece of cloth. Then, thinly apply a wax coat on the surface using an applicator. For extra protection, allow the wax to dry then reapply as needed.


By using these tips and several others not listed here, you can clean your floor just as expert commercial house cleaning companies like Ocean Blue Services LLC would. Just ensure that you know your floor and read labels of all cleaning products you will use.