Excellent House Cleaning

Think of that moment when you enter your room and every stuff in it is quite impressive with

sweet fragrance and cleanliness due to the maid service. The carpet is tidy after vacuuming, leaving it spotless and free from dirt particles .As the owner of the house you should keep time, hard work is also needed.

Identify the things to be cleaned, make a list then notify the ocean blue maid services to do your laundry Our well-equipped workers offer the services, decluttering and bed making are offered too. Through our commitment, we are able to offer a service of high quality to our clients.

Among the services we provide are;

Deep cleaning



Bathroom cleaning

Window cleaningFloors.


House Cleaning Services.



Since it might be so tiresome to do all tasks by your own, we can do the cleaning part.

When we do this, you can get enough time to concentrate on your family and still have your own space and time. This can relieve you from the stress that can be caused by the piling work.

The services are customer friendly, the workers are well mannered and can perfectly respond to the client’s needs.

We have an organized plan, which consists of periods of cleaning done on weekly or monthly basis. Weddings and house parties, birthdays parties are also considered.

The charges are affordable and are meant to bring satisfaction of the work done.

Residential places vary as well as the type, size and the designs of the houses, but this does not matter because blue maid services are always awesome to all .This builds confidence in us.


Customer needs and preferences

Due to customer preferences we are able of adjusting to their needs, for example some of them have health issues .These can be sensitivity reactions to certain products, therefore varieties and user friendly products are provided. During service provision, we only use your preferred kind of detergents and materials.

At important occasions, remember that blue maid services is ever ready to ensure you with a conducive environment. Everyone likes comfort, a welcoming place always attracts people whether family members or guests.

We are aware that you might have some of your favorite pets which you love dearly. It’s our pleasure to say that we too, do treasure them. Familiarizing ourselves with your property is our main goal knowing that co-existence with each other, both human and animal is necessary.

The space to be cleaned; they vary in size; some are small while others are large.

The type of cleaning to be done. It can be scrubbing which requires energy, time and expensive washing detergents.

The duration of the work done is always short due to the punctuality of the service providers. We do house cleaning during the time of your choice making sure that we do not inconvenience you as our esteemed costumer.

Any time you need us ,just request for our services and we are assure you that our aim is to make your place of residence better and bringing positive and admirable change.