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The Most Effective Pillows Cleaning Guide

With time your natural body oils seep into your pillows, this allows for pillows cleaning tasks to begin. Nevertheless, this does not alter the fact that yellowed and discolored pillows are ugly. Most individuals think buying new ones is the only means of saving their old, yellowed pillows. But the following process which only requires a cup of powdered laundry detergent, one of bleach or its alternative, half a cup of borax, and a cup dishwasher detergent powder truly works wonders. Just check to confirm that your pillows are washable then remove the protector and casing, then follow the steps below:

You Pillows Cleaning Strategy

Soaking the pillows in hot water is the first step. This provides the cleaning ingredients with a head-start concerning tough stains getting dissolved. (You can execute the soaking right inside your washer if you own a top-loading washing machine. If your top-loader lacks a soak function or if you have a front-loading washer, you can execute the soaking in your bathtub or in a different container). Stir your ingredients into boiling water till they are fully dissolved. You can pour the hot water into a bucket before adding them if you dislike having the ingredients in your cooking pot while heating the water. When the ingredients are fully dissolved, pour the water into the container you will be using to soak the pillows and add the bleach. To ensure that they get fully saturated, you should flip the pillows over around half way through the soak period.

Wash- Pillows Cleaning

After the pillows have soaked for several minutes, run them through a complete wash cycle in the washing machine. If possible, choose the second rinse option which is most normal for most commercial home cleaning tasks.


Finally, the only thing left that you must do is to dry out your pillows. Get them into the dryer on the ‘air’ or ‘fluff’ setting. You can dry synthetic pillows with low heat. To help further fluff the pillows while they dry, you should add a few homemade dryer balls or tennis balls to the dryer.

With these steps which have been tested and verified to be effective by trusted house cleaning names like Ocean Blue Services LLC, your pillows surely go from grimy and grungy to becoming brand new. The effect is even much more dramatic physically.