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Do Your maids make These 7 Mistakes? Is it Time for a New Maid Cleaning Service?

Do Your maids make These 7 Mistakes? Is it Time for a New Maid Cleaning Service?


 Life is full of “do’s” and don’ts” Life is also full of never ending to do lists. Cleaning the house just makes the list longer. For this reason, it is incredibly helpful to hire a residential cleaning service in Boston MA who is available to help make at least one part of your life easier. However, there are a few mistakes that you don’t want your maid to make. If your maid cleaning service is making the following mistakes, it may be time to make a change.

Does she use her products correctly?

 1. She doesn’t know her products. A maid cleaning service needs to know what products she is using and what to use them for, this means having read the instructions. If she has not done this the dangers include over applying the cleaner or using the cleaner on the wrong surface. Over applying cleaners can actually hinder the removal of stains and odors, so following directions on the labels is a must. Cleaners do not work on every surface; this means she shouldn’t use the same thing to clean the windows and the fridge. She needs to know what to use to disinfect, what to use to remove stains, and what to use to make surfaces shine. Some products need to sit before the item is washed or the surface is cleaned, and so the product should sit.

 2. She sprays cleaning products directly on the surface. If your maid sprays cleaning products directly on the surface, she is making a mistake. In most cases, it is better to spray the product onto the cloth or sponge first, this ensures that the product is not being overused and that the surface is not receiving an overwhelming amount of chemicals. In addition, the product may not spread properly, it may end on the floor, or it may end up soaking into the surface. If the surface is not a fabric, she should spray unto the cloth or sponge first.

Does she make the problem worse or use the wrong tools?

 3. She rubs a spill to clean it up. This is a big no-no, unless you want a stain in your carpet or couch. A towel or cloth should be placed over the spill first so as to absorb as much as the liquid as possible, and then the appropriate cleaner should be used to finish the job. She may not be there when the spill happens, if that is the case make sure you do not rub either.

 4. She cleans the windows when the sun is overhead. This is a practice that may not be easy to avoid, depending on her schedule. But if possible, the windows should be cleaned when the sky is cloudy, or the sun is not directly overhead. When the sunlight is shining through a window while it is being cleaned, the sun eliminates steaks. When the cleaner dries and the sun sets, you will be able to see the streaks after she is gone. This schedule should be worked out with your residential cleaning service, if your maid refuses to comply, or do the best to work with this, a change needs to happen.

 5. She has limited cleaning tools. Your residential cleaning services should be well equipped. She should have more than one sponge, cloth, or scraper. Not all tools perform the same function. The dangers of using the same tool including cross contamination of germs (if the tool is not properly cleaned), and the scratching of surfaces. Some tools are too abrasive for all surfaces. It may take longer to use a softer tool, but surfaces will last longer, look nicer, and be scratch free.

Is she spreading germs further in your house?

 6. She doesn’t clean her tools between uses. The same cleaning tool should not be used for every surface. This creates a spreading of germs. These tools need cleaned. Toilet brushes should be left to dry between uses and not immediately placed back in its holder because this fosters bacteria if the brush is not dry. Sponges need to be replaced regularly. If it not time to replace it should be sanitized either with sponge cleaner, or by heating it up (which is as easy as putting it in the microwave).

 7. She doesn’t wash her hands between activities. She may be working with cleaning products, but that does not mean her hands are clean. Cleaning can get a little gross. Each time she switches activities she should wash her hands, if it is an activity that require gloves; she should remove them, wash her hands, and put on new gloves if needed. Her cleanliness helps to eliminate the spreading of germs

 To eliminate these mistakes, discuss your expectations with your maid cleaning service. Your residential cleaning service wants to do the best they can to make you happy and do a good job. If your maid makes these mistakes, find a maid who will meet your expectations.