Do You Need DIY Homemade Cleaning Wipes

For several months now, COVID-19 has become a great menace across the globe. You can hardly ignore how many lives it has taken within this short period. While no cure has come around yet, maintaining hygiene will always be one of the surest ways of minimizing the risks of infection.

As you look forward to protecting your health, it will be valuable to have sanitizing wipes at your disposal. They will always come in handy, especially right before you engage the services of a professional.

Interestingly, making your cleaning wipes in the comfort of your home is no more a hassle. But do you know how to make one? Perhaps it would also be valuable for you to understand why having them is invaluable. Here are a few insights for you.


Types of homemade disinfecting wipes to consider

Did you know that you have up to three distinct types of cleaning wipes that you could consider? In most cases, it will be easy to make baby wipes, remover wipes, and cleaning wipes. However, our critical focus will always be cleaning wipes—Clorox wipes.


What do you need?

In most cases, you will need 1.25 cups of water, 0.25 cups of white vinegar, several clean rags, and 15 drops of essential oil. Remember, these rags or towels need to be relatively friendly to the environment. While at it, you should not forget to get 0.25 cups of alcohol. Ideally, should have at least 60% in alcohol content.

Let’s also talk about the essential oil that you should get. Preferably, lemon, lavender, and peppermint will give you the best results. Sometimes, experts will recommend two tablespoons of ammonia for enhanced potency.

A glass spray bottle will also be essential at this point. However, you could even repurpose an old container from which you will mix the ingredients.

Usually, vinegar will play a central role in killing bacteria as well as whisking away any germs. If you have no vinegar, you could rely on dish soap to make it.

essential oilsalcoholvinegar

The procedure

The process of making these cleaning wipes is relatively straightforward. Usually, you will start by mixing the mentioned ingredients, and correctly so. Once you get a perfect blend, you will be free to throw in your rag and leave it for a few minutes.

With this, you will now be sure of the cleaning wipes that you so desire. Feel free to add more drops of essential oil for enhanced personalization and anti-bacterial powers.

Why you need DIY cleaning wipes

More than often, you will want to clean various surfaces before you can finally ask professionals to start. Besides, keeping your environment clean at all times will always come in handy. With easily accessible and homemade sanitizing wipes, you will be good to go. Did you know that most of these homemade wipes are reusable? All you will need to do is to throw them in your laundry, and you will be good to go.


In conclusion, homemade wipes have proven to be essential. With the tips mentioned above, you are more likely to come up with one of the best cleaners as you wait for professionals to come your way.