Is Deep Cleaning Being Similar to Regular Cleaning?

Even though both of these activities include a form of cleaning, the methods, skillset, application, and product preparations differ greatly. The resident daily cleaners on-site play an essential role in offering visible cleaning solutions in commercial sites. They make sure surfaces and floors are cleaned, paying particular attention to places that contain dust, dirt, and litter. As you know deep cleaning is a specialized hygiene service that requires precise skills, and products to achieve hygienic results. This type of cleaning service focuses on eliminating bacterial growth in hard-to-reach places which are the main causes of malodor. All types of bacteria and allergens can be removed easily. Are Deep Cleaning and Daily Cleaning Products the Same? Deep cleaning of initial preparations makes use of bacterial cleaning agents. The cleansing products that Initial utilizes are biological preparations that contain live, beneficial bacteria that consume odor-causing bacteria. Our cleaning expert will clean every part of your house and offices like window cleaning, floor cleaning and carpet cleaning.


  • These bacterial cleaning agents have a residual efficacy, meaning that they keep working by spreading beneficial bacteria through the system for at least 2 weeks.
  • Bacterial cleaners are better for the environment as they’re biodegradable.
  • Biological products are highly effective in removing scale and organic build-up without risk to the user, the facility and the environment
  • These preparations don’t have a damaging effect on surfaces.

For both commercial or deep house cleaning service can be performed.


Deep Cleaning Versus General Cleaning

Neither of these activities should be viewed in isolation. Daily cleaning and deep cleaning services complement each other in both the long and short term. Your regular cleaners are responsible for your regular surface cleaning on a day to day basis, ensuring the presentability and cleanliness of your bathroom facilities. Deep cleaning treatments focus on sanitizing places out of reach to your daily cleaners. This’s to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause odors, as well as cross-infection that can lead to diarrhea, urinary tract infections, vaginal thrush, and the common cold, to mention just a few. The frequency of cleaning services will depend on the premise’s size, daily cleaning routine, user profile, and several staff to mention many factors. On average, it’s recommended that a deep cleaning service should take place each quarter, but it can vary between monthly services in extreme circumstances, to bi-annual services in less frequented spaces.


When Should You Deep Clean Your Office Bathroom?

Depending on the size of your company we usually advise that an extensive clean treatment be done every quarter to get the best out of the service, however, offices that have little traffic can decrease the frequency to twice a year combined with good daily cleaning. Due to the residual impacts of our cleaning solution which continues to work even after the service is finished, one doesn’t require to deep clean as often as daily cleaning.