Wilmington MA kitchen cleaning service

Residential Cleaning in Wilmington

Residential Cleaning in Wilmington

Professional House Cleaning & maid service Wilmington.

If you desire superior residential cleaning services in Wilmington, you should consider Ocean Blue Cleaning Services. We make cleaning services to be very easy and straightforward. After your first experience with our company, we are very sure you will be willing to drop your key with us at other times, even when you must keep other appointment, due to the quality and professionalism service our friendly and highly trained staff will have provided.

Duly registered: Our Company is duly registered with the government and insured. Our company has met with every required regulations and guidelines as laid out by the government for residential cleaning services. They therefore, provide their services within the limits of the law. We also possess a bond certification that implies that you are protected from our staffs carrying out an act of deceit against you, such as making away with your property.

Screened staff: Before employing and admitting any staff into our cleaning team, we want to be sure that we trust them. To achieve this trust, we carry out background checks at the federal and local level to be sure that they do not have any record of criminality. We do not take risks with the life and property of our client and are thus, mindful of whom we send to your home.

Home to a clean house through professional cleaning service by housekeeping agency in Wilmington.

Legacy: We have been providing cleaning services in Wilmington and environs for some years now. The fact that we are still surviving and spreading to several cities all over the United States is a testimony to the quality of services we are offering. We get regular cleaning orders that aid us to pay our staffs on time and meet other administrative bills. We know that our survival can only be sustained based on excellent services. We are thus known for our excellent residential cleaning services in any home we have cleaned, leading to further requests and recommendations.


With more than 97% of its homes currently occupied—that’s ten percent above the national average, mind you—home cleaning and maid service in Wilmington, MA is at an all-time premium. The population of this beautiful Yankee village is almost equally split among men and women and represents a perfect triangulation between those under 25, those between 25 and 44 and those between 45 and 64, giving the city’s seniors more than enough opportunity to both teach and learn from the few generations. You might not think that knowing facts like these about a city is important for a cleaning company. But we’re no ordinary cleaning company and Wilmington is no ordinary New England hamlet.


Wilmington can trace its founding all the way back to 1665, though official incorporation would not take place for another 65 years. Like any great town, a little bit of mystery has clouded this city’s founding father: the honor may belong to indentured servant named Will Butter or then again the town’s first founder may be either Richard Harnden or Abraham Jaquith. Such ambiguity is the stuff that legends are made of.


One bit of Wilmington history that is most definitely not an urban legend is that the immediately recognizable bright red Baldwin apple was discovered by none other than the grandson of the town’s probable founder. William Butters came across an apple tree flouting its enticing red and green fruit near Wood Hill. The juicy apple of Wilmington was then raised exclusively within the neighborhood of John Ball’s farm for some four decades before one Col. Loammi Baldwin decided to propagate the tree and expand its circle on influence. The rest, of course, is legend. Mixed with fact.


The history of Wilmington, MA is a microcosm of the history of America. Waiting at the ready for a minute’s notice that word of the British invasion had arrived and the revolution was underway, many men in Wilmington went to sleep each night in 1775 with their musket at the ready, eager to engage the tyranny of the forces of King George and throw off the shackles of aristocratic oppression.


For its first half-century as a township in the state of Massachusetts rather than the colony of Massachusetts, Wilmington was at the epicenter of hops as one of the first of America’s growth industries. The establishment of the Middlesex Canal through the town was essential to making the region the hot spot for hops production.


The year 1835 marked one of the most important in the history of Wilmington; a history that tat continues right into the 21st century. That was the year that Boston and Lowell Railroad came into existence. The fact that it still exists today makes Wilmington home to the oldest operating railroad line in the entire country.


Wilmington’s historical significance extends to an entirely different sort of railroad as well. The Wilmington Town Museum was once home to the Col. Joshua Harnden Tavern and that watering hole is believed to have served double duty as one of the stops along the Underground Railroad which helped runaway slaves find freedom prior to the Civil War.


Wilmington is a great place to live for young and old alike, offering a wealth of satisfaction from homegrown apples to the home of groundbreaking African-American poet Phyllis Wheatley. Of course, few things are more immediately satisfying than coming home to a clean house and we make sure Wilmington has that, too!


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