Dorchester ma cleaning service

Residential cleaning service in Dorchester MA

Residential cleaning service in Dorchester MA

Trusted residential cleaning service in Dorchester MA

There are instances when you hardly have time for cleaning due to the complicated and harried nature of your life. You are having so many things to worry about and cleaning is about the last thing on your mind or that you want to think about. However, your home will not understand this, as dirt and grime might continue to pile up. Have us take away one of your worries by contacting Ocean Blue Cleaning Services for our residential cleaning services in Dorchester.

Hire maid for commercial and residential cleaning services in Dorchester.

Service: We offer top quality services that will leave you assured and with peace of mind whenever we are cleaning your home. Our supplies, tools and cleaning process are top quality and efficient. We pride ourselves on the ability to conduct a very good and thorough service while cleaning your house. We will clean everything you have listed for us and we will make sure the job is done in such a way that you will be happy about it. You will be happy and feel good on the state of your house due to the shine and sparkle by the time we are through cleaning it and you will see why our residential cleaning services remain the best.

Trained Employees: We know just the thought of people cleaning your home could get you scared as it might be difficult allowing strangers so much access to your house. Our staffs are however, caring, honest and well trained people. They are professionals that can be trusted with the key to your house. They will only concentrate on doing their job and nothing else. You will therefore, have little to fear or worry about when we oversee cleaning your house. This is apart from the fact that our charges are affordable.

Ocean Blue Services has been floating around on the tongues of many customers for some time now! Why? I will tell you why! Great results of cleaning efforts, respectable customer service, fair prices and eco-friendly products and not to mention how prompt and on-time Ocean Blue Services  is for scheduled appointments! If you are a resident of Dorchester, Boston, you are one of the fortunate ones. To have the luxury of being able to utilize the services of “Ocean Blue Services LLC, is an absolute privilege! Congratulations and thank you for considering us for your next home cleaning project!



Over many years, we have taken the approach that we will always provide professional experiences for the customers, to ensure the best possible cleaning service results and offer highly qualified and carefully picked maids to guarantee their satisfaction! This business is prideful and we work hard to continue to keep our name respectable and on the tongues (positively) of our customers! There is no doubt in my mind that if you choose us, you will be glad that you did. All it takes is a phone call, confidence in us and we will quote you a fair estimate and schedule you an appointment as soon as possible, maybe even today! Do not hold off, we want to show you how prideful we are in servicing your Dorchester apartment!



Call us today @ (617) 932-6162! Our estimation process is free! We look forward to cleaning your Dorchester apartment and showing you why we are absolutely one of the most talked about cleaning companies (positively) in Boston, Massachusetts. Shall we begin!