Fenway Kenmore area cleaning service

Residential Cleaning in Fenway Kenmore

Residential Cleaning in Fenway Kenmore

Professional House cleaning in Fenway Kenmore.

In you stay in Fenway Kenmore, there is a very high chance you must have heard about Ocean Blue Cleaning Services. You might have seen us while we are on our way to provide service to a client, or you might have been told about our services by a friend. You might be wondering what makes our residential cleaning services special and why a lot of residents love our cleaning services in Fenway Kenmore. Here are some of the reasons, which you could also start benefiting from, if you use our services today.

Neat living room: Your living room is a part of your house where you receive a lot of visitors. You don’t want your visitors branding you as a dirty person because of the look of your sitting room. To avoid this, all you should do is use our residential cleaning services. We can help you with regular cleaning so that your living room will always be clean.

Sparkling bathroom: Your bathroom is a part of your house that requires regular cleaning as well. The constant use of water could quickly result to a damp smell and formation of mold if it is not properly cared for. We can help you to keep your bathroom in top shape always if you request for our residential cleaning services.

Shining kitchen and laundry: We help with the cleaning of your laundry and kitchen as well. We help with washing of clothes and other items you have kept in the laundry to be washed and clean the laundry. Your kitchen must always be clean to produce healthy meals. We take care of your kitchen and laundry too to become shiny and attractive.

Comfortable bedroom: A comfortable bedroom contributes to the quality of rest you can get in the room. Our cleaning services can ensure your bedroom is very clean and comfortable for you and members of your family.

At Ocean Blue Services, we pride ourselves with knowing the history of every neighborhood that we have ever encountered. Why? Knowing where a city has come from helps us to understand why we all clean, to preserve the history of the city. Fenway-Kenmore is one of the many marvelously historic neighborhoods in Boston that we service to.


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Originally, the town of Fenway-Kenmore was apart of the Brookline-Boston Annexation of 1873. Once annexed from Brookline, the plans were drawn up to create the neighborhood that residents and visitors know today. It was thought that the wealthy would reside here, but that changed when property value rose. Fenway-Kenmore instead housed multiple educational institutions. By 1907, there were 22 educational establishments, and growth continued into the 2000’s. A large apartment complex was built, housing 210 apartments by 2008. The neighborhood’s Landmark Center was renovated, and now tall buildings decorate the town, and makes for a wonderful addition to Boston’s many historic neighborhoods.


House Cleaning Fenway-Kenmore is a wonderful task, and up keeping the town’s historic nature is a wonderful goal to accomplish daily. Apartment Cleaning Fenway-Kenmore is only a call or click away at Ocean Blue Services LLC.