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Home cleaning in Wellesley MA

Home cleaning in Wellesley MA

Affordable Home Cleaning Prices in Wellesley.

With the busy schedule of people growing increasingly in our cities, everyone tends to have many things to do and hence, require residential cleaning services to meet up with daily demands and enjoy a clean home. And the search for professional house cleaning services in cities is also growing to augment the demands. Wellesley town is not left out in any of the developments. Though people have no choice but to hire house cleaners, it is not so easy to find a reputable, trusted, and professional house cleaning service.

If you’re still searching for a professional house cleaning service provider, or you want to improve your office or home cleaning service, then you should call out for Ocean Blue Services. We are a reputable, licensed, reliable and professional house cleaning company operating in Wellesley and entire Massachusetts. We offer residential and commercial cleaning at its best.

Who we are in Wellesley

Ocean Blue was founded in 2015 and within this period, we have built an outstanding reputation in the cleaning industry. Our crew members are known for professionalism, attentiveness to details and the confidence in their jobs.

Ocean blue offers home cleaning service that would eradicate the menace of allergens in the home and promote the environment for the benefit of Asthma patients. We offer condo cleaning; window cleaning, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning and other types of house cleaning throughout the city of Wellesley and other towns in Massachusetts.

Specialized services by professional house cleaners and apartment cleaners in Wellesley.

Our services are affordable even though we are known as house cleaning office that provides luxury services. We have been servicing homes and offices in Wellesley, irrespective of their size or social background.

Let your social status not stop you from receiving this confidence and productivity boasting service. You are worth the royal services too. Book your house cleaning today!


Our services have been in existence over the years, serving residents and commercial clients in Massachusetts. We cover different cities; Essex, Norfolk, Wellesley among others. Our firm is dedicated offering both maintenance and janitorial services to residents in these cities.

With our experienced and well-trained team, we are sure to offer quality services; by arriving on time, taking care of private property and working towards meeting the expectations of cleanliness. We use eco-friendly products when going about cleaning excises and there is no risk of air pollution.

Residential Cleaning in Wellesley

The Wellesley local government does not offer residential cleaning for its residents. However, the local authorities has put up a recycling center where residents can sort out the waste, recycle and reuse. We have captured a considerable number of clients in Wellesley city.

Settled in the 1630s as part of Dedham, MA, Wellesley went ahead to secede from Needham. Over the years, the town has grown although the local government has protected major streets and alleys as to serve as historic sites of the town. For example, the Cottage Street and its close alleys were built in the 1860s and have been protected by the town’s historic commission.

Recently, some of the early structures such as the historic 19th century inns have been pulled down to pave way for modern condos and mixed-use development. This demolition  have seen the making of urban centers such as the Linden square that comprises of restaurants, cafes, clothing stores along with both national and local stores.

The town is also known well as it’s the home of residents with advanced degrees in the US. Wellesley High School is among the top 70 best public high schools in the world. The school also host young women from less fortunate backgrounds thanks to the Wellesley A Better Chance outfit started in the early 1970s. The town has three main colleges; Wellesley College for women pursuing arts, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Babson College for business courses and Olin College which offers engineering.

The town has deep cultural ties with its residents as they celebrate the annual Wellesley Wonderful Weekend, a weekend before Memorial Day. There is also Wellesley Symphony Orchestra that presents family concerts and classical pop at Mass Bay College, Wellesley Campus.

Notable personalities from Wellesley include prof. Emily Green Balch, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1946, Dee Brown, former Bolton Celtics basketball player, Curt Gowdy, sports commentator, Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America among others.

Our cleaning prices are affordable and we are sure to offer you a free quote upon contacting us. Our pay system is easy and booking procedures are not cumbersome. Our team is well trained and experienced to offer any type of maintenance to our esteemed clients. We also offer specialized services such as after party cleaning as so long as we are contacted early enough.

We are licensed by the state of Massachusetts to offer cleaning services its cities. We are also insured and our cleaning packages come with an insurance cover to cover the loss or damage on any client’s property.