Watertown MA apartment cleaning need

House cleaning in Watertown MA

House cleaning in Watertown MA

Eco Friendly House cleaning in Watertown.

There are lots of residential cleaning service providers in Watertown, but it is priceless to meet with house cleaning experts who are professionals and care about their client’s corners. Ocean Blue Services have attained a huge success in residential cleaning industry since its establishment a few years back, 2015. The adorable way we deliver house cleaning is responsible for this credit and success.

At ocean blue services, we are very passionate towards our job, and our employees are scrutinized to ensure the same mindset and goal in service is delivered. We do our job to derive a pleasure – the outcome of an excellent job.

Our clients are guaranteed spotless and healthy environment for each service delivered, office or residential cleaning. We do home cleaning, condo cleaning; regardless of the type of house, and other cleanings. We are the company that follows instructions from clients for the most desired service. Ocean blue house cleaning services are available to every office and home regardless of their social class.

We have been extending our services in Watertown for many years now and can tell that our services are cost-effective. You would realize at the end of our services that our charge is awesome and deserve a comeback.

Avail the best environmental friendly home cleaning service in Watertown

For those who would want to get rid of allergens in their environment. Do not worry. We have that in mind. We would get your premises detoxified for a radiant and beautiful look.

Why hire us


  • Believe in excellent service delivery
  • Provide a quick service
  • Listen to our clients
  • Possess registered, insured and well-trained staff
  • Clean with health-friendly materials
  • Meet your standard of house cleaning

In a nutshell, no house cleaning services in entire Watertown and Massachusetts can beat our reach in residential cleaning. And we are proud to remain the best home cleaning service providers in Watertown.

Book your house cleaning schedule today! Enjoy clean environment through Ocean blue Services!


It is also known as Waterton but many people call it Watertown. Before 1600, Watertown was inhabited by two Native American tribes, Pequossette and Nonantum who settled along the river banks. The river was named River Charles in honor of King Charles I. The name ‘Watertown’ originated from the fact that it was a well-watered place and it had a fresh water river. It was also the first in Boston to have boats. Its initial name was Pigsgusset from the Indian culture.


The town has over 11 parks, several tennis and golf club, swimming pools, shopping malls, athletic clubs, skating rinks and many more. It is well known for its bicycle tours. The mount Auburn Cemetery is a historical site that has historical knowledge as well as the Armenian museum, art gallery and library. R. Charles is also a source of tourism which has the true story written close to the river, the story is pretty much interesting. Perkin school of the blind is the first school for the blind in United States. It was built 175 years ago. It also has the famous Oakley Country Club, Watertown Town hall, Saltonstall Park, Halecyon Lake. It is also known for its richness in culture due to the diverse population. This is a place that guarantees fun to the local residents as well as tourist. This is the place you would rather be.


It is also a favorable place that one can live in. It has best quality infrastructure as well as high quality services. This include the house cleaning services. Ocean Blue Services Services offer housekeeping services, deep cleaning, post construction cleaning, pre-party cleaning, post party cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, janitorial services, maid services, building cleaning, office cleaning, move in and out cleaning services. Amazing right, the company offers every service that you actually need. And to add on the advantage it comes in affordable price.


The company offers high quality maid services offered on a regular basis depending on how many times you need, even if it is weekly, daily or monthly. There is flexible schedule depending on your plans or schedule. The maids are insured and certified to work on any commercial and residential places.


The staff members are highly trained and each of them has had an in-depth background check which ensures they are trustworthy and of high quality. Their customer service is satisfactory. They are very friendly and ready to assist you.

The service are affordable. You can pay via checks, PayPal or cash. We also accept one time cleaning which you pay in full after completion of works and can offer an ongoing cleaning services. The cost varies depending on the size of the house or room and the type of cleaning you want.

We use ecofriendly cleaning products that is safe for your family, health and environment. It is them who come with all the cleaning product, you don’t provide for them.


You can count on our company for house cleaning in Watertown MA. For value for money, contact us today.


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