Waltham MA green cleaning service

House cleaning in Waltham MA

House cleaning in Waltham MA

Hire Professional Maid in Waltham for cleaning house.

Ocean blue is the best to hire for all kinds of house cleaning services in Waltham. This credit is because our experience and method of house cleaning demonstrate the quality of home cleaning service everyone would desire.

We make sure your residence is free of allergens and dirt. And we are fascinated by the entire service experience, from the sweeping to the cleaning of your house for our trademark of desired cleanliness. Hence, clean homes and offices are the results of our passion-driven services.

We offer condo cleaning of types and do apartment cleaning while also handling the house items according to their ownership.

Why you should sign up with Ocean Blue

Our professional house cleaning services are the best you can hire to achieve clean comfort zones. We work with special equipment beyond ordinary skills and sponge. And because cleaning has become our profession, we assure you of a great cleaning speed. Though fast in cleaning, we ensure that all the corners are spotlessly clean, leaving no portion untouched.

Residential housekeeping service for professional residential cleaning in Waltham.

Ocean blue is very attentive to details and never play down on the needs of our clients. We aim at bringing more value to the livelihood of our clients by doing your home cleaning jobs. Our house cleaning is aimed at bringing our client’s utmost productivity in the office and home. Also, we clean to create a healthy and conducive atmosphere free from dirt and germs.

We are known for our prominence. We are the ocean blue services established in 2015, which have become a leading name in the residential cleaning industry ever since. We continue to wax stronger with every stroke of the mop.

The flexibility of our house cleaning services extends to active internet presence, where you can make your bookings and get an estimated bill of your cleaning job at the comfort of your home.

Schedule your house cleaning appointment with us to make your waking hours more meaningful!


Located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, approximately 12 miles from the Boston City Center, Waltham began as a center for the labor movement and significant contributor to the Industrial Revolution. Waltham was home to the Boston Manufacturing Company and a prototype of 19th century city planning. Today, it is well known as a center of higher education and research being home to Bentley University and Brandeis University. Today, just over 60,000 citizens call Waltham their home.


History of Waltham, MA


Originally settled in 1634 and incorporated in 1738, Waltham began was put on the map in the 19th century when the Boston Manufacturing Company was established as the first integrated textile mill in the U.S. The goal of this company was to eliminate issues related to quality control, shipping and coordination, all of which were inherent to the textiles industry.


Waltham is home to numerous estates including Gore Place, a mansion built for former Massachusetts governor Christopher Gore; the Robert Treat Paine Estate which was designed by architect Henry Hobson Richardson and Frederick Law Olmstead and the Lyman Estate, a 400-acre property built by Boston merchant Theodore Lyman.


In 1857, the American Watch Company release The Waltham Model. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Waltham became home to Metz, an automobile manufacturer who produced the first motorcycle in the U.S. Finally, the mass-produced magnetron tube was invented by Dr. Percy Spencer at Raytheon in Waltham just before World War II.


House Cleaning Waltham MA


Today, with a population of around 60,000, many of whom commute to Boston, around 23,000 households, an average family size of 3.01 and a median family income of $80,000; time to complete mundane tasks is limited. As a result, house cleaning Waltham MA has become a large market to support the needs of the residents.


Why Hire Residential Cleaning MA


With such limited time for residential cleaning MA in the Waltham area, many families are opting for house cleaning service. There are three practical reasons for hiring house cleaning Waltham ma including:


One: Cannot Clean Everything


First, it is impossible for a family to keep everything clean. Every family has a cleaning task that tends to get behind due to the challenges of life. Families should continue to clean the little things but hire the professionals to manage the cleaning that you hate. Also, residential cleaning MA can get inside the clean the smallest detail.


Two: Long-Term Money Savings


A home is the largest single investment that most make and maintaining the surfaces around the house is critical to keeping its value. The longer dirt and oils accumulate on these surfaces, the higher probability of needing to take severe actions in the future. Without regular maintenance, you run the risk of higher repair costs or even replacement. Regular cleaning act as preventative maintenance and protect these surfaces.


Three: Time


As mentioned, time is one of the most important reasons for hiring house cleaning Waltham MA. Most cleaning services provide customized cleaning for a predetermined time and cost. If you spend your Saturday’s cleaning, imagine having the entire Saturday back to do as you please.


Ocean Blue Services LLC


One of the primary companies that services the area is Ocean Blue Services LLC. The maids are rotated to different areas of Massachusetts to ensure availability is covered. With a major presence in Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, Ocean Blue Services LLC can provide a speedy response and delivers premier customer service. The company is continued to expand its operations without compromising quality and service levels.


Hiring a residential cleaning service may seem to be a luxury, but it is a smart and money-wise choice that can have a positive impact on your home, family and overall life in the present and future. Consider hiring Ocean Blue Services LLC for your future cleaning.


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