Randolph MA shiny house cleaning

Local housekeeping in Randolph for better home cleaning

Local housekeeping in Randolph for better home cleaning

 Local housekeeping in Randolph for better housekeeping.

Ocean Blue Services of Massachusetts are pleased to inform our valued customers the history of all the cities and towns we enjoy traveling to. We hope you appreciate, just as we do, the amazing history of not just Randolph, but of all of Massachusetts. We aim to connect the hardworking people of Massachusetts with history and offer our cleaning services while we do just that. We hope you take the time to admire the great history Randolph has to offer as we have done. It is our honor to present you the city of Randolph in all of its glory.


Randolph, also known as Cochaticquom by the Ponkapoag and Cochato native tribes, was part of Braintree up until 1793 where it was later renamed in honor of the first Continential Congress president, Peyton Randolph. Randolph was home to many farmers skilled in the art of shoe making, which many would later recoginze Randolph for.

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The town of Randolph sits between route 128 and 24 making it just 15 miles from Boston and this serves as one of many reasons for its rich history. These include, but are not limited to, location, industries, and transportation. Randolph soon began to host several shoe companies with their most popular style of shoe being only made in Randolph giving rise to the nickname “Randies.”


For many, the town’s location and being hosted to a vast amount of increasing industry jobs, appealed to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Even with the changing faces, Randolph still managed to be widely known by all for its shoes and later boots. Even shipping shoes as far as Australia at one point.


Randolph provides transportation of all kinds resulting in an increasing population. Easy access to highways, rail trains, and buses have made Randolph a hot spot for many families looking to call Randolph home. It is no wonder Randolph is seen as the fastest growing minority city in the country.


Adding to the fact of producing notable people such as football coachs Bill Kenney and Mark Synder. The motto of Randolph is “to say what one feels,” which I am sure many residents and visitors can all agree, is a fitting motto to have with all the success this city has experienced since it was settled in 1710. Randolph will leave you with a feeling of community thanks in part to the wonderful people it produces.


Randolph, just like many other cities and towns located in Massachusetts, provides many opportunties for residents and visitors alike to enjoy life. With rich history, great location, booming industries, and easy access to transportation, we, Ocean Blue Services, would like to save you the time and effort in cleaning so as to provide you, the customer, with more time to enjoy everything Randolph has to offer. Allow our eco- friendly products and professional maids attend to all your housekeeping needs while you enjoy the city of Randolph. We hope that you choose us for taking care of both your residential and Commerical cleaning needs while admiring our efforts to highlight the interesting notes of Randolph. Our dedication to our valued customers and quality cleaning services has given us the title of the best housekeepers in Massachusetts.