Braintree MA move in cleaning

City maids cleaning services in Braintree

City maids cleaning services in Braintree

  City maids cleaning services in Braintree.

Understanding our wonderful state of Massachusetts is akin to understanding the people that reside in it, and we here at Ocean Blue Services want to express our intent on valuing these people we serve as customers throughout Massachusetts. In an effort to connect with our fellow residence and offer our excellent house cleaning, apartment cleaning, and commercial cleaning services – we’d like to highlight a historically rich bright spot in our state: the city of Braintree.

Braintree was settled in 1625 and incorporated in 1640, and is located only ten miles south of Boston in Norfolk County. This suburban city with easy access to Boston and Cape Cod has nearly 36,000 residents. The city lies along the Cochato River, which separates it from its western neighbor Randolph. As recently as 2008 the town changed its form of government from a representative town meeting government to a mayor-council government.

An interesting note about Braintree, is this is where the infamous anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were convicted of murdering a guard and a paymaster while robbing the Slater and Morrill Shoe Company in 1920. They were executed for this crime 7 years later at Charlestown State Prison.


Maybe the most famous historical note about Braintree is that two U.S. Presidents were born there. Those being John Quincy Adams and John Adams, as well as the man known for his large signature, statesman John Hancock. This was also the birthplace of native Sylvanus Thayer who was the “Father of West Point.” And from Braintree also came the creator of the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant chain, William Rosenberg. There are many people of note associated with this town, which is part of the Greater Boston Area, including Thomas A. Watson – the primary assistant of Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone).

Braintree is a vibrant and growing community with many attractions and a strong business base. This includes one of the largest regional shopping centers in the northeast called The South Shore Plaza. Braintree’s ideal location attracts many businesses, and these are accommodated with attractive office buildings and industrial park locations throughout the city.

Among other benefits attracting residents to live here is the excellent educational opportunities both public and private. Private schools include the Thayer Academy, Archbishop Williams High School, and CATS academy. The fine public schools include six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school called Braintree High School.

This indeed is a special historical city situated in an ideal location for the best of nature and city life. The beauty and history can be seen at such points of interest as: Blue Hills Reservation, General Sylvanus Thayer’s Birthplace, Hollingsworth Park, Monatiquot River, Pond Meadow Park, and Sunset Lake. Braintree combines nature with city life and mixes them with modern business and an historical appreciation, creating enjoyment for residence and visitors alike.

Eco house cleaning for best price in town Braintree.

Based in nearby Boston, Ocean Blue Services is well aware of this fine charming city of Braintree. It’s been a pleasure to offer our services to this area of Massachusetts that holds so much history and charm. With so many opportunities in business and nature, we’d like to offer our exceptional residential and commercial cleaning services to Braintree residents, in order for them to free up their time for more important tasks. Our experience, eco-friendly products, and professional service have given us often the title of the best housekeepers in all of Massachusetts. We hope in detailing some interesting facts about Braintree, the residents of this city and of Massachusetts will think of us for all your cleaning needs.