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Ocean Blue Services quality residential and commercial cleaning services extends to all of this great state of Massachusetts we share. Bringing eco-friendly cleaning products and many years of experience, we strive to give our valued customers the quality results they desire. Our commitment to providing a unique service to the communities we serve, brings us to highlighting the wonderful city of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

This history-rich city of around 44,000 residents is in Bristol County, and is only 40 miles from Boston. Attleboro is linked to the Boston metropolitan Area and is part of the Providence metropolitan area.

This small beautiful city is surrounded by many other similar sized cities and towns, of which it shares names and history with. For instance, to the north is located North Attleborough, which has kept in part the 1694 name of Attleborough, in which was formally known as Rehoboth from its founding in 1634 – and Rehoboth is now a town which borders Attleboro to the east. The modern name of Attleboro was reincorporated in 1914, which was the name of the original territory in which all these cities came from. And this name was taken originally from a British town, which was a common practice to do in early New England times.

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The beautiful Ten Mile River runs through the center of the city, which gives the city a natural appeal. Along the river will be found the L.G. Balfour Riverwalk, which alludes to an important feature of history in this historical city. This destination riverwalk is the former site of the L.G. Balfour jewelry plant, which is adjacent to the downtown business district. This reminds the residents and visitors of how once Attleboro was known as “The Jewelry Capital of the World,” because of its many jewelry manufacturers.

This famous distinction came about in 1913 mostly because of the L.G. Balfour Company, which since has departed from Attleboro and has left the riverfront park as a reminder. The city has many manufacturing firms still operating today. This is a unique distinction of Attleboro that leaves its mark on the design and development of this city today.

An interesting piece of history that holds a reminder of a wilder time, is when an early resident’s son was killed by Native Americans during a colonial day insurgency on the city. Notably, the name of the resident was Nathaniel Woodcock, whose head was cut off and placed on a pole in his father’s front yard. The infamous house where this occurred is now remembered and preserved as an historical site, and as a reminder of a wilder time in our continent’s history.

Attleboro bears the marks of many historical features, which can be seen also at points of interest such as the Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro Area Industrial Museum, the Woman at Work Museum, and the Museum at the Mill. Attleboro this is a history-rich city, there are still modern destinations as well like: the Capron Park Zoo, the Triboro Youth/Musical Theatre, and Attleboro Community Theatre. Notably, there’s also a great atmosphere downtown for shopping, dining, and recreation – especially since its revitalization in 2011, after being the recipient of $5.4 million in state and federal funding.

Ocean Blue Services is proud to serve this historic city in our great state of Massachusetts. We want Attleboro residents to remember us concerning all their commercial and residential cleaning needs. Our modern equipment, friendly cleaning professionals, and eco-friendly cleaning products are up to any task the residents have for us at Attleboro, including apartments, houses, offices, and more. There’s a reason why Ocean Blue Services is called the best housekeeper in Massachusetts. We hope highlighting some facts about this great city of Attleboro has been interesting, and that connecting with residents here will help them remember us for all their cleaning needs.


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