Home cleaners near Medford ma

Home Cleaning Services in Medford MA

Home Cleaning Services in Medford MA

Home Cleaning Services in Medford.

Ocean blue is a commercial and residential cleaning service provider in Massachusetts, and we have been cleaning homes in the city of Medford since 2015. We perform house cleaning with high-tech vacuums and other contemporary cleaning facilities. Ocean blue is the only home cleaning office that will always leave your house magnificently clean for every job delivered.

We are known for nothing but excellence in the entire Medford, because we provide the most efficient house cleaning services. And house cleaning service in Medford has become a lot easier since our arrival.

Because we are always inclined to your satisfaction at ocean blue services, we are always open to your request for a special delivery. And we are happy when our clients show satisfaction due to our excellent service.

Ocean blue has employees that are competent, reliable, and trustworthy any time, crew members who see that our client’s special requests are executed excellently. This is because satisfying the needs of every client is our motto and top priority.

Professional Housekeeping Services to help cleaning house in Medford.

Though we are a few years old in the house cleaning industry, we have cleaners with over ten years experience in residential cleaning. Cleaners who have the necessary license and certification supported by the government of Massachusetts for house cleaning services.

What our clients say about us

Our clients believe that our services are worth more than every dime you pay. And you would never find the need to regret or complain about our outstanding house cleaning services.

We are the only house cleaning office with 100% customer lifecycle in Medford. Every client demands a regular clean and we are happy to provide appealing services. We execute an unbiased cleaning from the top to the bottom of your corners, ensuring every part is dust free.

Call us today for the most efficient residential cleaning service in Medford. A clean home is the safest route to staying healthy.


Ocean Blue Services LLC, Proud Partner of Medford Community

We are proud to serve the community of Medford. At Ocean Blue Services LLC, we travel all over the state of Massachusetts providing quality and professional cleaning services to residents and businesses throughout the commonwealth. In an effort to connect with the residents of the beautiful city of Medford, we want to highlight the past and the present of this great area. We at Ocean Blue Services LLC, are proud to work in Medford, surrounding communities, and the entire state of Massachusetts.

Medford, the Fourth Oldest Settlement in America

Founded in 1630, Medford is the fourth oldest settlement in America. It incorporated as a city in 1892. Medford was settled by shipbuilders and brick makers. Medford played a key role in the Revolutionary War. Some of the homes in Medford date back to the 17th century. Medford grew from a small town to a middle class suburb with thriving business in shipbuilding, brickmaking, and rum distilling.

 Medford, Today

The city of Medford now boasts brand new schools, new parks, affordable housing, green spaces, and recreational spaces throughout.

There are more than twenty-four parks and playgrounds, passive parks, Riverbend Park and Hormel Stadium and, in the summer months, Wright’s Pond and Tufts Pool.

These sites comprise over 118 acres of land. In the parks and playgrounds you will find twelve tot lots, twenty tennis courts, twelve and one-half basketball courts, twenty-two ball diamonds, two football fields and various soccer fields.

Many Recreation Opportunities

Medford is the home of Tufts University, LEGOLAND Discovery is nearby, many parks and historical sites abound. Many restaurants offer all different types of cuisine in and around the city of Medford. With lots of cultural opportunities and its close proximity to Boston, Medford has something for everyone. With all of these things to do, cleaning should be the last thing you have to worry about. Let us do your residential cleaning Medford, we are Ocean Blue Services LLC.

Middlesex Canal

Almost all traces of the canal have long since been erased or built over, Medford has not forgotten the ingenuity and industry of their forefathers in helping to build this canal. Medford remembers and preserves its deep history and pioneering spirit.

The Pride of Medford

The mystic river runs right through the city as a source of recreation, and a reminder of the past that turned this village into a prosperous city. Medford residents are proud of their historical heritage, product making notoriety, and committed to a future of environmental friendliness. Medford was built on the idea of quiet and humble beginnings. Today, they still follow those deeply rooted traditions from their past. They are a quiet, peaceful, and hardworking people.

 Medford Cleaning: Ocean Blue Services LLC

 Let Ocean Blue Services LLC do your house cleaning Medford for you! With all of the great activities this town has to offer, we take the worry and hassle out of cleaning your house. We will do it for you. We have excellent customer service and attention to detail is our top priority. We have earned the title of Best Housekeepers in Massachusetts because of our professional cleaning services. We use all eco-friendly products. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning as well! Give us a call today!


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