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Home cleaning services in Bridgewater MA

Home cleaning services in Bridgewater MA

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A clean home is certainly a home that is blissful. A clean home is a home that will certainly delight you. We truly understand how challenging balancing a busy modern life and keeping a home clean can be. That is the major reason why, at Ocean Blue services, we are serving the Bridgewater area and its surroundings with premium quality housekeeping, one house at a time. It’s the reason why we provide a no contracts (cancel at anytime), no hidden cost and one hundred percent service guarantee to all our customers. There are so many reasons why all local residents trust and rely on our quality home cleaning services in Bridgewater

Top Reasons for Relying on Our Residential Cleaning Services

All local residents of Bridgewater area and its surroundings rely on and trust our quality services for several reasons that include but are not limited to;

  • Your Shelter: Facing any cleaning chaos is the very last thing you will ever want to get yourself into after a long, busy day at work. Dirty dishes, toys are strewn all around, piles of dust in the living room; just thinking about all these can be truly overwhelming. But any home that gets a touch of our house cleaning efforts can quickly take you from being stressed to Zen. This offers you extra time to relax and engage in the activities you love. After all, life is meant to be spent living, not cleaning.
  • How We Work: We know that our house cleaning methods are free of all artificial scents and harsh materials or chemicals. That’s why we always claim to use green cleaning products for all our cleaning services irrespective of the package you choose. With our services you certainly get to relish the serenity of a healthy, joyous home.

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Just call and tell us what you want us to do for you. Our team of experts will arrive on time and completely prepared. The cleaning service in East Bridgewater they render then enables you to enjoy a home that’s blissfully clean.

One of the many wonderful cities and towns Ocean Blue Services serves is the charming town of Bridgewater, MA. We here at OBS are proud to extend our professional quality Move In & Move Out Cleaning, deep House cleaning, and commercial cleaning services throughout this exciting state of Massachusetts we share. In every corner of our state there are stories and interesting facts to learn, and in our effort to connect with our valuable customers we want to highlight the interesting city of Bridgewater.

Bridgewater is a small suburban city in the southeast of Massachusetts located in Plymouth County 25 miles south of Boston and only 5 miles south of Brockton. Early history includes the town being settled in 1650 and incorporated in 1656, and the name (like many Massachusetts cities) was taken from an English town: Bridgewater, Somerset, England. Bridgewater is surrounded by 9 other suburban towns including East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater.

Running along the city of nearly 27,000 residents is the Tauton River and its several run-off streams. Along the west of the town is Lake Nippenicket in addition to a state forest, a town forest, and conservation areas including a part of the Hockomock Swap Wildlife Management Area. This nature area is one of the best known aspects of this small town because it’s part of the mysterious Bridgewater Triangle. This alludes to the familiar mysterious Bermuda Triangle for some of the same type of strange reasons. In particular, this swamp area west of town is infamous for its strange phenomena like Bigfoot and UFO sightings, mysterious black panthers, large snakes, and other weird happenings. This is an interesting fact about Bridgewater and was made popular when written about in a book called Mysterious America by author Loren Coleman.

Bridgewater is also well-known for having one of the state’s largest universities called Bridgewater State University. This public liberal arts university with around 12,000 students enrolled is only second in size to the University of Massachusetts. This university is a prominent part of the culture and society of this smaller suburban city and has been since its founding in 1840.

Notably, Bridgewater is also the location of the former Bridgewater Academy. This was a prominent private school in the 19th century where many young men who went on to be leaders in America attended. In particular, a well-known Massachusetts born man called Enoch Pratt, who set-up the world famous Enoch Pratt Free Library in the mid 19th century as one of the first free library systems in America.

Bridgewater is a beautiful historic place to live and visit. The history can be seen in the colonial architecture and the beauty isn’t hard to find in its natural surrounding bodies of water and lush trees. There are many fine places to dine, shop, and play – one of which is the Olde Scotland Links. Olde Scotland Links golf course was founded in 1997 and is a 4-star rated golf course according to Golf Digest. This championship length links course is public and has been awarded for its beauty and the challenge it gives, all at an affordable price.

Bridgewater in the 1800’s and early 1900’s used to be a hub for iron factories and mills. Now a historical site the Bridgewater Iron Works was one of those factories, but in 1994 was turned into Ironworks Park. Even today there are iron companies working there such as Ashmont Iron Works and Superior Nail and Iron. A factory there that used to produce boots and shoes is still standing today and can be seen mixed in with the modern developments. Paper and saw mills also used to operate in the past, and are part of the history of that makes Bridgewater what it is today.

Ocean Blue Services could very much be of help with our superior house and apartment cleaning services to the suburban city of Bridgewater. We’ve been grateful to serve Bridgewater for years and value this wonderful city in this great state we share. Our eco-friendly products and efficient professional workers can help residents and businesses free up their time for more important tasks. We hope by sharing these interesting facts about the historic city of Bridgewater will help residents remember us for all their cleaning needs.