Confessions of an Ocean Blue Maid

Confessions of an Ocean Blue Maid


Hi.  My name is Chloe.  I am one of the professional cleaners in the stable of Ocean Blue Services, LLC.  I wrote mainly because I want to share how much I love my job.

Most of the work I do is maid stuff.  Yes, I provide maid services for my company’s clients.  Not so glamorous a job, you say?  Well, admittedly, there are tasks that aren’t very elegant to do.  But, wow, do I feel great when I see the area I scrubbed down sparkle immaculately!

Also, let me be the first to tell you that my reputation far exceeds that which television and movie stereotype Hollywood portrays.  I am absolutely passionate about tidying things up.  There’s no such thing as a short-cut when it comes to a cleaning job even if time is limited.  We just pool in our efforts to make sure work is completed and our client is satisfied.  This perhaps is the very reason I get along with my colleagues so well.    Besides, we do regular self-evaluations and in-house evaluations.  It just won’t sit well with my conscience if I knew I shirked my responsibilities and gave myself a high grade anyway.

I’ve never experienced any negativity from the folks I clean for either.  It’s great that Ocean Blue matches us with the right client off the bat.  Our human resources team really knows their stuff.  I didn’t mind at all when they did a thorough investigation of my professional background and identity.  I mean, even I wouldn’t feel too safe about having some Tom, Dick, or Harry go through my things if I didn’t know they had impeccable records, right?  I also like receiving the results of the evaluation my clients give.  It allows me to get better at what I am proud of doing!

I’m not surprised at all too about how our customers keep coming back for more cleaning services.  We at Ocean Blue Services always give our Handy Happiness Guarantee with a personal touch.  We know how to listen to your needs and apply them to whatever it is you want us to assist you with bar none.

I’m so happy that Ocean Blue Services give us cleaning professionals opportunities to learn new and updated cleaning techniques as well.  With the green movement happening worldwide and concern for the health of our clients, it’s simply amazing how many techniques we can use scrubbing a toilet or deep scrubbing carpet!  Commercial grade stuff, I say!  These are the very same methods I use at home too.  Believe you me, my husband and kids are happier for it.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, my employers do not underpay and overwork me.  It’s amazing how our assessment and quality control group are able to tailor-fit and price our services so our clients won’t have to be charged exorbitantly.  I guess the magic is in the brew and our willingness to work with the people we serve side by side.

I’m just about to take off for another cleaning job and didn’t even get to tell you exactly what maid services I provide.  Suffice it to say for now that I got your house, your hotel or your office should you need any of Ocean Blue Services.  Give our customer services representatives a call and ask about me.  Perhaps I get a chance to show you how fulfilling my work indeed is and how happy I can get being your maid for the day.