carpet cleaning vs. carpet vacuuming

Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Vacuuming

The Fight between  Carpet Cleaning Vs. Carpet Vacuuming

It is a common misconception that merely vacuuming the carpet is enough to keep it clean. There are many benefits of carpet cleaning Vs. carpet vacuuming. When it comes to cleaning carpets, our professionals at Ocean Blue Services, LLC cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining the matting you tread on. Whether it is a regular vacuuming, a deep cleansing, or combination of both that you avail our services for, keeping your carpet clean not only keeps your home or office looking fresh.  It also is a great way of keeping respiratory diseases at bay.

Carpet Cleaning Vs. Carpet Vacuuming and their Benefits:


Benefit Vacuum Deep Cleaning Implications
Dirt Removal Yes


–          Surface cleaning only, good for daily maintenance



–          Reaches the base of carpets

Both carpet maintenance functions to limit dirt accumulation.
Bacteria Removal No Yes


–          Eliminates bacteria and germs that may result in odors and respiratory infections


It is healthier to get rid of bacteria that thrive in carpets over time.
Stain Elimination Possible


–          Fresh stains may be removed with the proper equipment

–          Old stains may not be removed



–          Fresh and old stains can possibly be erased utilizing various techniques


100% removal of stains is not guaranteed considering age and cause of stain.  Damage to carpet is avoided at all costs.
Reduction of Traffic Lanes* No


–          Deeply seated dirt is not removed and may cause carpet fibers to tear




–          The caustic effects of carpet dirt is minimized and trails rendered imperceptible


*Traffic lanes – Also known as carpet ruts, these are the parts of the carpet that are travelled on more such that they look like trails.
Increase Carpet Life A little A lot Carpets will deteriorate over time, just not as quickly if it is cared for appropriately.


At Ocean Blue Services, LLC we really care for your carpets.  Traditional vacuuming and cleaning techniques may seem adequate but leave residue that attracts dirt and fragments damaging to carpets.  We only use modern methods that leave no harmful remains.  More importantly, we address your health concerns and adjust our course of action accordingly.  It is standard operating procedure to give you a free in-house assessment to better determine how we can treat your carpets.

Maintaining a carpet is not only fundamental to keeping your home or office fresh-looking, but is also vital in preserving your health and that of your family and employees.  Whereas an established vacuuming habit can help in limiting the accumulation of dirt, a professional deep carpet cleaning would increase the lifespan of your carpet and allow you a healthier environment to live and work in.

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