Best House cleaning

Cancellation Policy

In the best house cleaning all cancellations must be made over the phone or by email at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Email is recommended on weekends, please email us at

If residential clients are not home to open at the time of cleaning and did not leave any instructions or way to get in will count as a no-show and 50% of the appointment will be charged.

The late cancellation policy charge is US$50.00. If you fail to provide the 24 hours notice we will charge you that amount.

You will be required to pay this cancellation fee before your next scheduled cleaning appointment.

In the best house cleaning, the holiday cancellation policy is at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.  The cancellation fee of 70% will take place if you do not cancel in advance. Please note that holiday cleanings are very popular, and our teams are using their time to clean your house they deserve proper notification.


Service cancellations

Residential Clients can cancel any time as we do not have any contract, we only ask to cancel 48 hours in advance. The commercial client needs to check your contract agreement.