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Boston Office Cleanliness: An Ocean Blue Services Commitment

 Ocean Blue Services Commitment- At Your Finger Tips.

One of the main concerns of companies is to keep productivity and output high in order to increase profits while keeping costs at a minimum.  The Boston office cleanliness : an ocean blue services commitment is one company that works towards this initiative.This is why much time effort and energy is invested in hiring the right employees, acquiring new customers and maintaining a dynamic work flow system.  What managers pay little attention to is how the work environment affects the daily functions of a business.  In essence, a clean workplace nurtures a productive enterprise.

Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health is very strict in implementing policies involving cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting office environments.  They report that exposure to dust (i.e. from un-vacuumed carpets, urban soot, trash, etc.) affect by a factor of 2-6% an individual’s skills in typing, arithmetic, memory, logical reasoning, creative and critical thinking.  A dirty workplace cause symptoms of distress and discomfort from dry and itchy eyes and throat to chest tightness, headaches and lethargy, which may lead to more serious medical conditions.  A 3-8% decrease in performance is recorded dependent on the symptoms perceived.

Boston Office Cleanliness- Second To None

In a study conducted by HLW International, a multi-awarded global design and architectural firm, a 5% productivity increase was reported in an office that employed 100 people when they came work in their offices that were cleaned daily.  The monetized translation to the statistic is this:  for every 100-employee workforce with an average salary of $25,000, the company gained $125,000.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported the cost impact of an unclean work environment in a study conducted in 2002 over a 10-month period, stating that businesses in America lost $250 billion a year or $2,000 per worker due to reduced on-the-job performance or illness.

A similar study published in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine in 2003 also indicates health-related Lost Productive Time (LPT) per employee working in dirty and dusty conditions.  In a random sample of about 29,000 workers in the U.S., employers lost $225.5 billion a year or $1,685 per employee.

It’s reasonable to say that a correlation between clean and health work conditions and employee productivity levels exist.  A dirty office translates to sub-par employee output.  A clean office equals productive workers.

Get  Boston Office Cleanliness Staff

This is where Ocean Blue Services, LLC can make a difference.  Cleaning is our core competence.  Using guidelines mandated by Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health and adapting our own cleanliness guarantee, our office cleaning services is one your company is sure to benefit from.  We have a variety of offerings— from basic cleaning, to carpet cleaning, to window and building cleaning— all of which we would be more than happy to tailor fit to your requirements.  A free in-house assessment would be welcome so we can also showcase our very affordable customer-friendly rates.

Our highly qualified cleaning professionals are available at all hours everyday to tidy things up. Our Boston’s office cleanliness staff is at your beckon call.  So are our customer service hot line and on line assistants.  We invite you contact us.  We are here to assure your office cleanliness, which in turn will reinforce your company’s productivity.  This is Ocean Blue Services’ commitment to quality.