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Best way to clean granite countertop

Granite is a very durable stone that is popular with homeowners due to its high usability. This tabletop can even be customized and help you add built-in taps and an integrated sink to the kitchen. These are easy to clean and use and do not harm with regular use. It’s softer, comes in a polished body, and has a high level of durability that lets you get things done efficiently and conveniently. Therefore, using granite is a smart investment because it will be an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Cleaning Granite countertop

When it comes to granite countertops, the only thing that makes it unique is the look that never fades even after long years of use. The money you spend on attaching granite countertops to your kitchen is worth it. Also, if these kitchen surfaces are sturdy and look great, you must take every precaution necessary to maintain their appearance so that they look fresh for a more extended period. Especially since women are so special that things in their home should look brand new, even if they are old. When it comes to granite countertops, maintenance is relatively more natural than any other regular counter surface.

how to clean granite countertop and remove stain easy

You should plan to visit the home of your friends, and you must have had the opportunity to see a worn-out kitchen counter. Several housemaids work with low priced plastic sealed countertops in their kitchens, but after some time of starting to use them, they will face many problems, such as scratches and burns, due to hot things being placed on the countertops. You should avoid thinking about these problems if you own granite countertops. Taking care of your kitchen is easier than ever when you own these beautiful granite countertops in your kitchen. Follow the steps below to keep your granite countertop fresh as you bought it for years to come.


The most crucial first step in keeping countertop stains is to clean them daily with a mild detergent. Never use cleansers that are too acidic as they will destroy the sealant that is placed on the granite. If the sealing material is removed from the granite surface, the chemicals used on the top of the granite countertops will be observed and may cause damage. When you need to remove stains and make food products, you can use hot water and detergent with the sponge to clean them. Washing can be avoided daily, and weekly once or every two weeks will keep your countertops clean and sterile.

Granite countertop post cleaning

Clean and polish granite countertop clean by ocean blue services maids

You should avoid using HFCs on granite surfaces as they tend to pierce polished granite and make it look dull. Applying sealing material to granite twice a year is as important as cleaning it. In case you wish to clean any oil stains, apply acetone mixed with water. Do not mix ammonia and bleach to clean granite. If you’re going to clean any stains that are organic, mix ammonia with hydrogen peroxide, then use it in washing the stains, and then clean and dry the granite surfaces with water.

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