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A Good Spring Cleaning Is A Must for a Happy, Healthy Home

A Good Spring Cleaning Is A Must for a Happy, Healthy Home.


A good spring clean up is a must, no matter where you live. For those in who live in seasonal climates, spring is when you open up the windows and let in the sunshine after the long, cold winter. Unfortunately, you may see numerous particles gathered from the dry heat being pumped into your enclosed areas. Humans and animals also shed more dry skin during the winter and dust builds up even in areas that you can’t readily see when you do your basic housekeeping. These specs are dust mites, which are a minute species of insect that look absolutely terrifying if gazed up close under a microscope. Dust mites cause allergies and asthma, so airing out your home and do a power home cleaning in spring is a must.


If you live in a hot weather climate, you still accrue dust mites and particles. In spring you get the house ready and service your air conditioner units to get ready to close up your windows and doors for the long, hot summer. It’s important to take advantage of these last temperate days to do your spring clean up so that less dirt and dust is trapped in when you close the windows. Mold loves to grow in damp, hidden areas of your home, and doing a thorough home cleaning in spring cleans out any trapped water and allows you to check for leaks and damaged insulation, while cleaning and sanitizing areas where mold might be hiding.


Spring cleaning seems like a big job; however, it reaps health benefits, both physical and mental. Aside from the health benefits of starting the season off right with a clean home, living in a clean, sweet smelling environment is good for your mental health. Just like your figure, you want to have your home in shape for swimsuit season.


The first step in the spring cleaning process is to donate any clothes and possessions that you don’t use so that you are not storing items that you will never use next year. You can do this yourself, phone a friend, or hire a professional organizer to help get the job done. It feels great to free up your storage spaces and donate to the less fortunate, making it a win-win endeavor.


The next step is to do a realistic assessment of your cleaning needs. Do you really have the time and energy to do a full spring cleaning on your own? Are there some tasks you can do and some that are just impossible due to your inability to reach, bend, or get up on ladders? Does your work schedule allow you the luxury of time to spend hours on your spring cleaning project, or do you have more enjoyable things to do? Hiring a cleaning company may be quite cost effective in the long run, as your time is money. If you get injured because you throw out your back scrubbing the corners of your kitchen, was it really worth doing it yourself? Don’t put off the necessary spring cleaning job because you can’t get it done. Even the most capable domestics goddesses need a little help now and then, and hiring a company to help with spring cleaning is the best time to call in assistance to banish cobwebs and thoroughly clean and sanitize your home. For the sake of your health and that of your family, calling in professionals for that spring clean up is money well spent.