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7 Things To Look For In A Cleaning Service

7 Things To Look For In A Cleaning Service


When you first begin to look for a cleaning service in Boston MA, it may be difficult to know where to begin. There are so many different companies offering different services. Here are 7 important guidelines to help you make the best choice.


The Right Credentials

All employees should be bonded and insured, and they should have had professional training. In addition, you should ask the cleaning service if their employees are covered for liability and workers compensation. This is to protect you if an accident happens in your home while they are working, or if something of yours is accidentally damaged in some way.


Professional Attitude Of Employees

It’s reasonable to expect that the employees of a housekeeping service will display a professional attitude in their work. You should insist that they arrive at your home on time, and concentrate on cleaning your home as efficiently and quickly as possible.

It’s also important that they do the job you asked them to do. They should be open to your instructions, if they are within reason. For instance, during the first few visits you will have to instruct them where to put loose items in your home as they are cleaning. Give employees the benefit of your patience, at least at first.


Full Range Of Services

Cleaning isn’t the same all the time. Sometimes you need an overall cleaning. Other times, you may need special deep cleaning in one area of your home. It’s helpful if you can go to the same company for all of your cleaning needs. The best cleaning services will give you a full array of choices to meet your needs.


Customized Schedule

Look for a cleaning service that can work around your schedule, not the other way around. Better cleaning services offer several options to set up a cleaning schedule, such as bi-weekly visits, monthly housekeeping, or a one-time clean.

Be as clear as possible about the type of services you will need. Ask the maid service what options are included in their basic plan, and what will be an additional expense. Expect them to give you an estimated cost up front, as well as the average amount of time it should take.


Accommodating Customer Service

It’s important to find a cleaning service that has a reachable customer service, preferably 24 hours a day. Find out their policy for changes in schedule and cancellations. How much lead time must you give to the service to cancel? In most cases you will be charged a fee for doing so. Find out what the fee amount will be before you hire.

Misunderstandings can occur over the work of employees, but the company should have an established way to resolve them. If you are not pleased with the work a maid has done, you should be able to fairly complain and see some resulting action on the part of the company. If you can’t get your issues resolved, you may need to switch to another house cleaning service.



If you will not be home when the maids come to clean, you will probably have to give a key to the cleaning service, or let the maids know the code to your keyless entry. Give them a key that cannot be duplicated or arrange to give them a keypad number that only they will use.

Let them know ahead of time you would not like them to share any of your personal information with others. Some agencies have written employee policies with regard to confidentiality that you can ask them about.


Organic Cleaning Supplies

Everyone today is concerned about chemicals that harm the environment. Fortunately, better maid services have made the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. This is not only helpful for the environment, but it’s healthier for children and pets as well.

Organic cleaning products can clean a home as efficiently as those that are chemically toxic. You should only employ a housekeeping service that uses them.

Home cleaning services in Boston MA are easy to find in. Use the above guidelines to help you to find the right one for your individual needs.