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7 Mistakes People Make When Searching for Maid and Cleaning Services

7 Mistakes People Make When Searching for Maid and Cleaning Services


Mistakes to Avoid when hiring maid and cleaning services.

When a person is looking for maid and cleaning services there are some mistakes they make when they hire a company. There are questions that people often do not ask. Others do not take the time to properly research the company before they hire them. While there are many quality cleanings services out there a person still has to be a smart consumer. These are 7 mistakes people make when searching for a cleaning service. 


1. Selecting the Lowest Price for Home cleaning Services

While price is important, and a person should look for services that offers reasonable prices the lowest price is not the most important thing. Choosing the lowest price may mean the company is not hiring the best cleaners or training them properly. They may also be using cheap cleaning supplies. A person should get the quotes from different companies. Once they find out about the services they offer and the products that are being used a person can make an informed decision about how much the service should cost. They can find a quality cleaning company at a price that is reasonable. 


2. Selecting the First cleaning services Company

Many people hire the first company that they call. One phone call does not tell a person if they are getting the best possible service. They should call several different companies. They can then narrow it down to two or three choices and find out more information about these companies. This will also allow a person to feel what services are included in the price. In addition to speaking to a company representative a person should also read reviews about the company and do some research. This will make sure there are no complaints against them. This will protect a person in the long run. 


3. Not Reading Reviews

If a person has a bad experience with the company, they will more than likely post it on the internet. They may also file a former complaint. Before hiring a cleaning service, a person has to make sure there are no outstanding complaints against them. 


4. Not Asking for Documentation

Before hiring the cleaning service, a person should ask to see that they are registers as a business and they are not being scammer. It is also advised to ask for any form of certifications. A person should also to see insurance such as liability insurance to make sure the company is covered in case of an emergency. 


5. Ask About Products

A person should inquire about the type of cleaning products that the company is using. They need to make sure the products are safe. Other people may be looking for specific cleaners. They may have allergies where some cleaners cannot be used. Many people are also looking for green cleaners. They want something that will clean their home but will not be harmful to the environment, pets, or children. A person should also get a look at the cleaning equipment that is going to be used. It should be clean and in good condition. By examining these things, a person can get a feel if they are working with a quality cleaning service. 


6. Service

A cleaning company is a business. They may offer special packages and cleaning services that sound fancy and sound like they are needed. In most cases many people are fine with the basic cleaning service. These fancy sounding services may cost a person money of things that they do not need. 


7. Estimates Should be Free

Most cleaning services will come to the home and they will give the person a free estimate for their service. A person should not have to pay for their estimate. They should also get the estimate in writing. This will help prevent any unneeded or surprises when the cleaning team is performing the service. A person should also know if there is a different in price based on the time of day the cleaners are coming or the day of the week.

 These are just some of the mistakes that people make when they hire a cleaning service. By being aware of these mistakes and asking the cleaning service the proper questions a person can get a quality service at an affordable price.