6 Things All Good House Maid Services Have in Common


House cleaning services differ in the operation of their business and other details. Nevertheless, most reliable services have certain characteristics in common that customers can rely upon. Here are six basic qualities to look for when you hire.

They Have A Solid Reputation

A good reputation is built up over time by satisfied customers. Although people don’t always agree in what they are looking for in a maid service, the overall rating of the maid service should be a good one. Customers who think they have found the Ocean Blue Service others are looking for will have no problem announcing it to everyone they talk to on social media. Such recommendations are earned by hard work.

They Vet Their Employees Carefully

Being able to trust maid service employees is a big issue with most people. Customers want to be able to hire maids to come into their home and do the residential cleaning in Boston when they aren’t there. That may require providing them with a key to the residence, or a personal computer code to temporarily disable the security alarm. They should also be able to expect that a visiting maid will treat premises and property with care.

Reliable house cleaning services in Boston understand this need, and they only employ maids who have been properly bonded and background checked. A trustworthy maid service will answer any questions a customer has about the screening process used to employ their maids and provide written verification that such screening has been done on individuals when requested.

They Offer A Guarantee

A written guarantee isn’t just a form of advertising. It tells the customer that the maid service is confident enough of the great service they provide that they will back it in writing. A reliable maid service will give guarantee for their work, even if it is simply stated.

They Put Their Express Services and Fees in Writing Up Front

Clients need to know up front what maid services will and won’t do for them at what cost. They also need to know exactly what they themselves are expected to do before the maid arrives. When services are expressly stated, a lot of confusion and wasted time is avoided.

This is especially important for housekeeping services that employ a large staff. Though the individual maids that come to do the work may change, the expectations should remain the same.

They Offer A Variety of Services

Although it’s a given that every housekeeping service will do things a little differently, the scope of the type of cleaning they do should not be so limited that it creates a problem for clients. Customers really don’t want to have to be continually switching maid services or hiring separate services for different cleaning jobs. They don’t have the time for that. Ideally, a good housekeeping service will offer to do a variety of things, even if customers have to pay more for their additional services.

They Do A Thorough Job

Everyone knows that maid services hire busy people who have more than one house to clean. However, that doesn’t exempt them from spending the amount of time needed on each home to get the job done correctly. Customers will re-hire maids who do the job they are expected to do completely, rather than just doing the minimum required.

This is also expected for smaller cleaning jobs, such as condo cleaning. The size of the cleaning job should not determine whether a maid will spend enough time on a single visit to do a thorough cleaning job.

They Have an Open Line of Communication

Cleaning needs change from day to day. Cleaning budgets change, too. A reliable maid service will encourage regular communication with the customer, so that if anything changes about their schedule or there is something more they need, the customer will have an easy way of expressing it. They should also have a way of voicing complaints and should be able to be confident that the company they contract with will attempt to make changes if the complaint is a valid one.

Maid services in Boston sometimes can’t get to a home at the scheduled time, for very valid reasons. If a maid must be late, customers have a right to expect that they will be promptly notified of such changes.

When you seek to hire housekeeping services, whether it’s for the first time or after several tries, you should look for these earmarks that will tell you the company you are hiring is a good one.