6 Shortcuts to Picking the Best Maid Cleaning Service In Record Time

 Spring is right around the corner, as is home cleaning season. But for those of us with too much work to take the proper time to clean, calling a cleaning service in Boston might be a better option instead of doing it yourself. The challenges of family, work and bill paying make hiring such a service a necessity, and there are plenty of companies who make such a luxury affordable for almost any household. But with thousands of companies to choose from in any given area, it may be hard to select the right one as quickly as you’d like. Here are 6 shortcuts you can use to narrow your choice down to the right maid and cleaning service for you.


1. Decide which parts of the house you want cleaned beforehand – Are some areas off limits or do you want a maid service to concentrate on linens and kitchens? Maybe you want them to also clean windows and bathrooms and not worry about other areas. The sooner you decide what parts of the house you want to be focused on and what parts you don’t, the sooner you can narrow your choices to cleaning service that concentrate more on what you want and less on what you wish to do yourself.


2. Ask family, friends or neighbors who have recently moved for referrals – This is usually the quickest way to find out company names and phone numbers without having to do your own research. Usually, if you move plan on moving into a new apartment complex or neighborhood, the managers and residents of that area can refer you to the company they use. Keep an index of all the companies you’re given who people say they’ve had positive experiences with and research each one individually. If you stumble across one with a good reputation and competitive prices, you may not need to look any further.


3. Use Social Media – You’d be surprised how helpful Facebook friends and Twitter responses can be. Maybe you’re looking for a company who’d be willing to clean multiple homes or residences and don’t know where to look. Making such a query through social media helps other with experience finding such a company be able to help you find someone quicker than asking your friends and family when you see them face to face. You can get a name and number in mere minutes of asking on social media if you’re lucky.


4. Stick to only bonded and insured companies – Anyone can have an accident or a costly mishap. The last thing you want is to hire a cleaning company that damages any valuables or is present when your home is burglarizes. If you go with a bonded and insured company to clean your home, they automatically assume responsibility for any such incidents. This is much preferable to having to accept responsibility for these occurrences on your own as the homeowner. When compiling your list of possible cleaning service candidates, eliminate the names of any companies that are not bonded or insured to save yourself this hassle in the future.


5. Only consider companies that charge a flat fee rather than by the hour – If you hire a company that charges by the hour, you will often run the risk of maids or house cleaners who work slowly to run up their hours and collect a bigger payday. Many companies charge a flat fee for their services no matter how long it take them to complete the job. Not only does this save you money, it also encourages your maid to finish up quickly so they can go on to their next job and give you back your privacy when they’re done. Only consider companies who charge flat fees when making your list of possible candidates.


6. Narrow it down to companies that offer a customer satisfaction guarantee – Luckily, many cleaning companies live and die with their reputation of customer satisfaction. If a main service or house cleaning company offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, they will be highly motivated to live up to this promise to uphold said reputation. Make sure you eliminate companies that don’t make such a promise. This will increase the chances of hiring a service that takes pride in their work and will go the extra mile in giving you the best cleaning experience possible.