10 things throwout fridge

10 things you can throw out of the fridge right now

10 things you can throw out of the fridge right now

Studies say that refrigerators last between 10 and 16 years. Which it is enough if we consider that operates 24 hours a day. But it is not advisable to trust statistics, the better care for the refrigerator, the longer it will serve.  In this case when we decided to do a complete cleaning of our fridge is prudent to hire a maid service that will make a thorough and careful work.

The refrigerator is not your pantry. We often tend to maintain in the fridge some products that should not go into it, and use the freezer to save for years boats which then forget. Both of these things are wrong because all we get is forcing the machine and make it work harder than it should. In the refrigerator, we should keep only what you need cooling (whole sausage or bread, for example, should not be kept here, as well as many cans unopened) and freezer try to keep food properly labeled with dates, for a maximum three months.

Always when you go to clean your refrigerator is advisable to disconnect the equipment, so you take advantage and boots away. You can see the food that has not expired yet and which ones are expired and no longer good for consumption. It is hard work that you should make a day where you are completely free, usually on Saturdays are perfect days for this type of work.

Foodstuff scraps create for a bacterial population which is not healthy. A kitchen is a place where every day you have to keep clean because it gets dirty very regularly and is where your food is prepared. So the first thing to do is throw away all food that has expired or has been damaged and set aside those that are in good condition for consumption.

If you do not find time to clean the fridge or this task will be too heavy, many people hire maid services so they can do all the deep work to your fridge, products that were used are ecological and protect the environment and your Health. The cleaning service that you hire will help you much more than you alone can do, so it is advisable to be that person to deal with these issues. 

10 Here we tell you some of the things you should get (out of) your fridge right now:

1.- •That practically empty ice cream container sleeping in your freezer.

2.- •The Treasure of plastic bags guards, for example.

3.- •Things wrapped in foil unidentified in the fridge or freezer

4.-•Medicines expired

5.-• Any plastic container that does not have a lid because it is not advisable to keep foodstuff without closure, to prevent odors in our food.

6.-• Those practically empty bottles barely have juice.

7.-• Tea bags that have more than a few months (no need to drink soaked dust)  Do not keep food in the refrigerator as coffee, garlic, and onions, potatoes, citrus fruits, bananas, bread, chocolate or cocoa cream, and hazelnuts. It is much better to keep them at ambient temperature because (the) cold can spoil them.

8.-• Empty the secret hideout where you accumulate all those food sticks acquired in those times when you asked Asian food.

9.- • Envelopes ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or soy sauce that accumulate in some corner of the fridge.

10-•Do not let the refrigerator get to have a thickness of ice because it takes space for frozen food.  So, whenever you want to defrost the refrigerator doesn’t apply do not use a knife to (do) that kind of work.

Maid service would facilitate very well with these deeper work because it removed all excess ice without damaging the equipment. Some fridges do not produce ice and is (are) easier to clean. That would help (because the cost of the cleaning might be less. You may also do a cleaning every week and then for a deeper job hire a cleaning service once a month so you are sure you have a deep and complete cleaning.

There are many platforms on the internet where you can hire a maid service with different prices based on your needs. You can choose the time and the nearest home company, doesn’t make sense in this sentence.

We hope that with this (these tips you) manage to keep your food for more time and in better conditions they are always perfect when you decide to cook your dinner.