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Ocean Blue Services is your top notch provider of house cleaning service in most cities of Massachusetts and other nearby places. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in this industry. You can rest assured you will always receive 5-star quality service. Plus, our commitment towards excellence help us stand apart among our competitors out there, with trained and insured cleaners cleaning thoroughly every time.


It is our goal to offer you the best possible cleaning service available.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we will come back and re-clean for free!


Our service locations area covers maximum cities in Massachusetts. Our cleaning service team work schedule update is continue in every hours based on your necessary .

We have a standby emergency service team just near by you . Please check details service location by city name.


Home Cleaning Services Boston

Some people in Boston just don't have the time to clean up their house or apartment on their own regularly. Sometimes you just have so much work and family responsibilities that finding the time to organize that junk drawer or clean out the laundry room seems impossible. You know you don't want complete strangers cleaning your apartment for you, but such an eventuality might not be avoidable. This is why you need to find an excellent residential cleaning service with experience offering those services in Boston MA. People are very specific about where something should go, which drawer the silverware is stored, and which cabinet coffee cups are kept. The more courteous and accommodating a cleaning company service is, the more you can trust them to operate independently the more often you use them. Reason why our house cleaners at Ocean Blue Services have made us one of the most popular residential cleaning services in the Boston area.

Ocean Blue Services provides premier residential cleaning services for homes of all shapes and sizes. Upon arriving, our pleasant maids will address your needs and concerns before putting their professional experience and tools to work. We pride ourselves in being able to address concerns you may have and we consult with you to give you just the personal touch you would want if you were cleaning your home yourself.

Our service is built on a personalized approach for a customized game plan. Quality is our mission statement; we aim for no less than 100% satisfaction with every visit. No more having to look for the blender or frying pan because a lesser cleaning service put those items in the wrong place. Your input is a vital part of how we do business.

You are welcome to stay while we clean, but why not go out for a cup of coffee or see a movie with a friend instead? Boston have an amazing places to hang out while we clean.  You can trust Ocean Blue Services with your home and belongings, as all of our workers have passed extensive background checks and training. We only hire good, genuine people who enjoy sharing the satisfaction of a clean home.

Do you have problem areas that seem to attract dirt or dust? Tell us and we’ll tackle them. On a tight schedule? Give yourself some breathing room and knock out a few errands while we clean your house. You work hard; yes, we know how hard Boston and surroundings residents work,  that’s why we do, too. We want you to sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home, not wear yourself out over it. Spend time with your family, pick up a new hobby, or host a party and show off Fabulous Maid housekeeping to your friends.

Put simply, Ocean Blue Services is the best housekeeper in all of Massachusetts. There may be a lot of pretenders, but no one can consistently achieve the level of excellence that we consider a standard characteristic of our professional service.

Residential Cleaning Includes:

  • Entire bathroom cleaned, mopped and disinfected; faucets polished
  • All floors swept, mopped and vacuumed
  • All surfaces dusted and disinfected
  • Cabinets cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • -Full kitchen cleaning (counter tops, back splashes, appliances and oven)
  • -Windows and windowsills wiped
  • -Fingerprints wiped from all woodwork
  • -Linens and bedding changed
  • -Knick-knacks dusted
  • -Upholstered furniture lightly vacuumed
  • -Baseboards dusted
  • -All rooms sprayed with refreshing scent
  • -Trash emptied

Services Offered

We can clean your home weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. We also provide deep cleaning services (which is especially helpful for a first time visit from us), spring cleaning (to rid a house of dirt or grime or dust that may have accumulated in colder months when opening all the doors may not be an option), move-in cleaning services (helping you clean a new residence to make it hospitable for your family as they move in) and move-out cleaning services (when you're don't want to lose that deposit on your old apartment for leaving it a mess).

Our staff is dedicated enough and versatile enough to provide the right level of service to perfectly fit your needs. Whether you haven't cleaned your house in ages and want a fresh start or you are struggling to keep your home clean along with your other more pressing work and family responsibilities, the professionals at Ocean Blue Services will work tirelessly to help make your home feel sparkling clean each and every time.

 House Cleaning Service to Leave Your House and the Benefits of Hiring Professionals

When a homeowner works a lot on the outside of the home in big cities like Boston, MA, they may need to hire a professional cleaning services to assist them with the responsibilities of keeping the home clean, tidy and smelling fresh. Even though the owner may prefer to do these jobs themselves, there is simply not enough time in the day to do these chores and do them well. So, as a compromise to keeping life going smoothly without any unnecessary problems that comes from a home that is not well kept, there are cleaning services that can help the owner with finding the idea remedy for these and other related circumstances. However, before the owner decides to hire an agency for these services, it is important for them to become familiar with this industry and how it really works. Once this information has been gathered and reviewed, the owner can make their decision and then take advantage of all of the great benefits. Some of the most common and noteworthy are listed below.

Saves Time

Because most people are overloaded with responsibilities on the job, taking care of the kids and participating in other outside activities, there are some things in the home that will often go lacking. One of the most critical and essential is the housework that needs to be done. Even the front door tends to be a revolving door for the family to go in and out, the cleanliness and appearance of the home still needs to be maintained. Getting it all done is usually very difficult for singles as well as whole families alike, so it is essential to find a solution these kinds of problems. Fortunately, when the family can hire someone from the outside for assistance, they can benefit greatly by the savings in time. For instance, even when the family hires someone to clean the home once or twice a week, this can save a significant amount of time in completing some of the bigger chores.

Gives People Time to Relax and Other Activities

Work and school take up quite a bit of time during throughout the week, especially when the parents are doing over time and the kids are trying to complete all of their homework at night. When this is the situation, most or all of the housework may have to be done on the weekend. Therefore, the family may not have any time left at the end of the week to relax themselves or to participate in other fun activities. To give the family more time to relax, the owner of the home should consider getting additional outside help to keep the home clean. This is one of the primary reasons for the high growing demand of residential cleaning services.

Let Professionals do the work and hiring Apartment Cleaning Boston

It is also important to note that there is an art to keeping a house clean and it can be done by Residential cleaning Boston professionals who work in this industry. So, with right team of professionals in the home, the homeowner can depend on their expertise to get it done right and on time. The training and experience that these professionals receive can help the family with maintaining a fresh look year round.

No Longer Overworked and Ocean Blue Services

When a homeowner spends lots of time away from the home working at the job, they rarely get enough rest and relaxation to rejuvenate the body. In fact, once some people leave a full days job at work, they may go home to other chores that need to be done as well. Meaning the person's time normally get very few hours of reset when this is occurring. On the other hand, if the owner hires House cleaning Boston from the outside of the home to assist with keeping it clean, it can help the homeowner and their families from being over worked.

There are a number of things to consider when a homeowner and their families want to hire an extra hand at their jobs. From making sure the right people are hired to making sure the person is not over worked, there is a lot that can be done to save time today.

Safe Cleaning Products

Many people in Boston are on the lookout for safe cleaning products for themselves and for their families, knowing that it is difficult to account for all of the chemicals that are present in conventional household cleaners. However, the process of reading reviews for all of these different cleaning supplies and the frustration of constantly having to keep them in stock at home is already going to be a daunting task for a lot of people.

Ocean Blue Services Cleaning Company only uses clean, safe, environmentally friendly, non-reactive, and non-corrosive cleaning supplies. People are not going to have to worry about their furniture being damaged by any of the chemicals that are used by the Ocean Blue Services. None of these chemicals are going to have a negative effect on the indoor air quality of a person's home. Really, since dust and other types of household contamination will have a negative effect on the indoor air quality of a home, people can count on the indoor air quality of their households improving by a wide margin after working with the Ocean Blue Services.

One-time and Ongoing Cleaning Services

Some people are going to need Apartment Cleaning Boston once for the sake of a special occasion, or for a few of them per year. Other people are going to need regular Home cleaning Boston. Hiring professional cleaning services is a matter of convenience for a lot of people and makes a big difference in whether or not they are able to live and work comfortably. Ocean Blue Services is able to offer people both types of cleaning schedules and everything in between, so a wide range of clients are going to be able to benefit from the services that are available through our cleaning company in Boston.

Cleaning Different Households

Some people need House cleaning Boston and some clients will need Apartment Cleaning Boston. Ocean Blue Services is proud to offer general Residential cleaning Boston, so people are going to be able to get their homes cleaned whether they have one-bedroom apartments or houses with two stories. Different types of residential cleaning in Boston MA are going to manage to pose different cleaning challenges for OBS home cleaning staff members. The staff at Ocean Blue Services is fully equipped to be able to handle a wide range of different challenges. All people who need maid services in Boston are going to be able to benefit from everything that Ocean Blue Services has to offer them, whether they need the services on occasion or every week.

Top Things to Do in the City of Boston, Ma

Boston has been an amazing place to visit, mainly owing to being shaped by history for almost 400 years. It is the place where the spirit of American independence originated. Additionally, it is an attraction due to the sights that commemorate the significant role that were played by the Sons of Liberty in the Revolutionary War.

Boston is an attractive travel destination if you are looking for time to relax or have fun. It is home for the “Big Dig” that took 15 years to be renovated, making the location an accessible as well as appealing tourist destination.

Here are 10 most important places to visit in Boston:

New England Aquarium

It is located on the Central Wharf, a walking distance of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. It showcases a number of sea life exhibits, such as exotic jellyfish and playful seals and penguins. It was opened in 1969 and has a 200,000 gallon of ocean giant ocean tank that is found in the main building’s atrium that is similar to a coral reef environment.

The availability of a spiral walkway provides an opportunity for you to get a close look of the sharks, sea turtles, numerous small fish, and barracuda. Also, it is the home to an IMAX theater that showcases movies with aquatic themes. You can also enjoy a tour for whale-watching.

Boston Harbor Islands

It consists of 34 islands that lie off the coast of Boston. It offers several opportunities for fun in the sun as well as the sea. Thirteen of these islands are included in the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.

While you are at the Islands, ensure that you have visited the following attraction places; Civil War Warren on George Island as well as the public beach on Spectacle Island. Georges Island houses the olden lighthouse.

Cheers Beacon Hill

If you are a fanatic of the “Cheers” television show, head over the location and visit the bar that inspired the show. In 2002, it was renamed as Cheers Beacon Hill and the Bull & Finch Pub served as an exterior while the interior was never used in the television show. This destination is used in the commemoration of the show.

Fenway Park

It is the home for the city's Red Sox baseball team since 1912. It is one of the local people’s most beloved landmarks. It is the olden major league stadium in America and makes it a must see attraction for fans.

Additionally, it is one of the old-style parks that still exist in the U.S. The park has a small field and an infamous left-field wall which is referred to as the “Green Monster.” The wall makes it hard to predict the outcome of the game.


USS Constitution

It is the earliest global commisioned navel boat floating in water. It still sails every Fourth of July as a commemoration of America’s independence. It was launched in 1797 and was given a name by President George Washington in honor of the country’s Constitution.

The materials used for the ship is what gave its nickname “Old Ironsides” during the War of 1812, as it ensured that five British warships were defeated. You can tour the ship all year round for free with a US Navy personnel as your tour guide.

Faneuil Hall

It is located in Boston’s downtown district. It is famous for the role played by the brick building during the American Revolution. Initially, it was constructed to serve as a marketplace in 1742. The donation of the building was from Peter Faneuil, which he earned from slave trade.

It later became the location where patriots who yearned for freedom used to assemble. One of the patriots was lawyer James Otis, who nicknamed the building “Cradle of Liberty” and coined the rallying cry “no taxation without representation.” It is used a marketplace and for political debates up to date.

Boston Common

It is the earliest public park in America and was acquired in 1634 by the Puritan founders. Initially, the use of the park was the purpose of cow pasture as well as the site for many historic events. It was the camp site for the British as they began the Revolutionary War.

There is a kiosk that is hosted by the Boston’s Freedom Trail Foundation for the purpose of offering visitors with information regarding the monuments that are found in the park. It is a great place where you can take breaks from sightseeing excursions.


Back Bay

It borders the Charles River. Back Bay was labelled as such since it was constructed using stagnant pool water. Currently, the neighborhood is upscale and fashionable with picturesque streets lined with Victorian homes. It also has trendy restaurants and elegant boutiques.

The neighborhood also features the Boston Public Garden, which is the earliest as well as the largest botanical garden in America. You can also visit the Old South Church in Copley, which was constructed in 1874 in line with Gothic Revival style. It features an interior that was redecorated in 1905 by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Quincy Market

It was designed by Alexander Parris and completed in 1826. It is well known for its style of architecture as well as the food offered in more than 20 restaurants and 40 stalls located inside. It was given a name after Josiah Quincy and wad constructed in the style of Greek Revival, which was introduced to the country to break the monotonous of Georgian architecture.

It is a rectangular shaped complex that was constructed using granite that provide striking contrast to its intricate design. Currently, the market is regarded as a family-friendly spot where tourists and locals are able to have quick bites at affordable prices.


Freedom Trail

It is the first historic walking tour in America that has 16 of Boston’s most important Revolutionary War sites. There is a red line that marks the 2.5 mile trail that starts at the Boston Common. The tour will lead you to the Old State House that is the site for the Massacre that happened in the city.

The end of the path connects to the Harborwalk that will lead you to the Constitution of USS.

If you are in Boston, here are five of the best restaurants that you cannot miss:


It offers innovative sashimi interpretations of exotic fish. This are done using fresh seafood with exotic ingredients that marry to offer a worldly flavor with traditional Japanese techniques. This is one of the restaurants that you cannot afford to miss in Boston.


It has a charm of its own even though it may resemble the Copenhagen’s Noma. Asta focuses on the native ingredients and unique presentation that is inspired by the environment, that is, the rocks, logs, and moss.


It serves tasting-only menus, that is done with the quick and careful attention paid to portions. It offers three menus, that is, three courses, fives courses, and eights courses at $45, $70, and $95 respectively.


It is a South End Italian in the design of wine bar or Venetian bacaro, which ensures that there is flowing of wine and small plates that come to guests that are gathered in a dining area. The place is outfitted with drink rails that helps the guests to mingle.

Bar Mezzana

It offers cocktails that provide an exquisite Italian spritzes and the likes. The cocktails are like no other and this is a must go place when you are in Boston. There are different foods that are offered including fresh seafood and classic Italian flavors.

The menu at Bar Mezzana focuses on the light, seasonal Italian cuisine that allows inherent flavors of high quality ingredients.

Bar Lyon

It is on top of the Massachusetts Ave. and Washington Street. It offers a genuine warmth that makes you want to stay at the place for hours. The menu is diverse ad offers the best delicacies and meals that will leave your mouth yearning for more.


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